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Bruce, Alison - 'The Calling'
Hardback: 320 pages (July 2011) Publisher: Constable ISBN: 1849012040

A daughter is reported missing. Kaye Whiting was expected at her grandmother's birthday party - something she would never miss. DC Goodhew is assigned the case. When it is reported in the news, another young woman feels compelled to ring the police and report that Kaye isn't the first and will not be the last. She names a man - Pete Walsh and suggests that if the police arrest him, the killings will stop. Pete Walsh is questioned and has no link with Kaye, nor is their any reason other than the crank call to suspect him. Then Kaye's body is found in a lake, but she was alive for some days, bound and gagged before her death by drowning.

DC Goodhew receives an anonymous letter from the young woman giving information about another mysterious death and the race is on to find her to discover all she knows.

The books written by Alison Bruce always have multiple strands but you can rest in the knowledge that they will all come together - she is not one for red herrings. Everything in the book is pertinent, even though it may not seem totally relevant to the main thrust of the story at the time. I like her writing style - it is a puzzle that you are engaged in solving.

DC Goodhew is another interesting detective, one with issues and a back story that is slowly being revealed in each book. Saying that, the books are good stand-alones, you do not need to have read the previous two books to understand the subtext of DC Goodhew's own story to enjoy this.

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Susan White, England
January 2012

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