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Rimington, Stella - 'The Geneva Trap'
Paperback: 336 pages (July 2013) Publisher: Bloomsbury Paperbacks ISBN: 1408832186

A Russian spy approaches MI6 in Geneva and says he has vital information about a possible cyber-attack but he will only speak to Liz Carlyle of MI5. Liz is asked to fly to Geneva to interview him and learns some startling news, but after a second meeting takes place he disappears.

At a US Air Force base in Nevada where they are testing new unmanned drone aircraft, watching officers are horrified when one plummets out of the sky and crashes despite their best efforts to stop it.

In Geneva a Swiss secret service agent is following a Russian spy and the spy forces his pursuer's car off the road and into a river drowning the agent.

Liz and her team believe their is a mole inside the MOD who is passing secrets regarding unmanned drone software to the Russians and they are using the intelligence to destabilise Western defences. Can Liz and her team trace the spy before anything major happens and stop them?

As the author used to be the Head of MI5 her novels have an authenticity about their plots that proves very intriguing. Is the character of 'Liz Carlyle' based on a younger version of the author or is she just a figment of her imagination? THE GENEVA TRAP is a very gripping multifaceted story that I just could not put down. Recommended.

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Terry Halligan, England
September 2013

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