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Knight, Ali - 'Wink Murder'
Hardback: 320 pages (Apr. 2011) Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton ISBN: 1444715323

This is a story about a woman is seems to have it all: a handsome husband whom she adores and adores her, wealth, a beautiful home, two lovely children and a part-time job that fulfils her. Then one night her she discovers her husband covered in blood, drunk and rambling about "I killed her…" before passing out.

vHe claims the next morning to have killed a dog but Kate is suspicious and the suspicion turns to dread when the news that a beautiful young associate of her husband has been found murdered. As Kate tries to uncover the truth, the police spotlight falls on her husband and then on Kate herself.

Although Kate's history with her husband and her insecurities are slowly revealed to us, I found the ease and rapidity with which she started suspecting her husband rather unbelievable. I also had difficulty relating to the characters. I felt I had nothing in common with them, perhaps due to their lifestyle – their business was in TV – but I think more due to the fact that they seemed rather two dimensional.

I found reading this book a bit of a chore. I was glad when I got to the end and when I did I found I couldn't care less who was the murderer. This is a first novel and rather disappointing. Useful for a train journey but easily forgotten.

Susan White, England
June 2011

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