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Authors and Bibliographies (America)

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

  • Alber, Lisa

      County Clare Mysteries
      • Kilmoon20141
      • Whispers in the Mist20162
      • Path into Darkness20173

  • Alexander, Tasha

      Lady Emily
      • And Only to Deceive20051
      • A Poisoned Season20072
      • A Fatal Waltz20083
      • Tears of Pearl20094
      • Dangerous to Know20105
      • A Crimson Warning20116
      • Death in the Floating City20127
      • Behind the Shattered Glass20138
      • The Counterfeit Heiress20149
      • The Adventuress201510
      • A Terrible Beauty201611
      • Death in St. Petersburg201712

  • Ashley, Jennifer

      Kat Holloway, Victorian Era
      • Death Below Stairs20181
      • Scandal Above Stairs20182

  • Barron, Stephanie

      • A Flaw in the Blood2008
      • The White Garden2009

      Jane Austen
      • Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor19961
      • Jane and the Man of the Cloth19972
      • Jane and the Wandering Eye19983
      • Jane and the Genius of the Place19994
      • Jane and the Stillroom Maid20005
      • Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House20016
      • Jane and the Ghosts of Netley20037
      • Jane and His Lordship's Legacy20058
      • Jane and the Barque of Frailty20069
      • Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron201010
      • Jane and the Canterbury Tale201111
      • Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas201412
      • Jane and the Waterloo Map201613

  • Bebris, Carrie A

      Mr and Mrs Darcy, Regency England
      • Pride and Prescience20041
      • Suspense and Sensibility20052
      • North by Northanger20063
      • The Matters at Mansfield20084
      • The Intrigue at Highbury: Or, Emma's Match20105
      The Deception at Lyme20116
      • The Suspicion at Sanditon20157

  • Braun, Audrey

      Celia Hagen
      • A Small Fortune20111
      • Fortune's Deadly Descent20122

  • Calkins, Susanna

      Lucy Campion, Chambermaid, 17thC
      • A Murder at Rosamund's Gate20131
      • From the Charred Remains20142
      • The Masque of a Murderer20153

  • Cameron, Kenneth

      Denton, American Novelist, Europe
      • The Frightened Man20091
      • The Bohemian Girl20092
      The Second Woman20103
      • The Haunted Martyr20134
      • The Backward Boy20145
      • The Past Master20146
      • The Oxford Fellow20147

      Louisa Conan Doyle
      Winter at Death's Hotel20111

  • Campion, Alexander

      Capucine Le Tellier, French Detective
      • The Grave Gourmet20111
      • Crime Fraiche20112
      • Killer Critique20123

  • Cantrell, Rebecca

      Hannah Vogel, crime reporter , 1930s Berlin
      • A Trace of Smoke20091
      • A Night of Long Knives20102
      • A Game of Lies20113
      • A City of Broken Glass20124

  • Carmack, Amanda

      Kate Haywood, Musician, Elizabethan era
      • Murder At Hatfield House20131
      • Murder at Westminster Abbey20142
      • Murder in the Queen's Garden20153

  • Carr, Carol K

      India Black, Madam, Victorian England
      India Black20111
      • India Black and the Widow of Windsor20112
      • India Black and the Rajah's Ruby (ebook)20123
      • India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy20134
      • India Black and the Gentleman Thief20145

  • Challinor, C S

      Rex Graves Novella
      • Say Murder With Flowers (ebook only)20131
      • Say Goodbye to Archie20132
      • Prelude to Murder20153

      Rex Graves, Scottish lawyer
      Christmas is Murder20081
      • Murder in the Raw20092
      • Phi Beta Murder20103
      Murder on the Moor20114
      • Murder of the Bride20125
      • Murder at the Dolphin Inn20126
      • Murder at Midnight20147
      • Murder Comes Calling20158
      • Judgment of Murder20169

  • Charles, Kate

      • Unruly Passions1998
      • Strange Children1999
      • Cruel Habitations2000

      Callie Anson, Curate
      Evil Intent20051
      • Secret Sins20072
      • Deep Waters20093
      • False Tongues20154

      Lucy Kingsley and David Middleton-Brown
      • A Drink of Deadly Wine19911
      • The Snares of Death19932
      • Appointed to Die19943
      • A Dead Man Out of Mind19954
      • Evil Angels Among Them19955

  • Christie, Pamela

      Arabella Beaumont, Courtesan, Regency England
      • Death and the Courtesan20131
      • Death Among the Ruins20142
      • Death and the Cyprian Society20143

  • Cleeland, Anne

      Acton and Doyle Scotland Yard Mysteries
      • Murder In Thrall20131
      • Murder in Retribution20142
      • Murder in Hindsight20153

  • Connolly, Sheila

      Maura Donovan, County Cork
      • Buried In a Bog20131
      • Scandal in Skibbereen20142
      • An Early Wake20153
      • A Turn for the Bad20164
      • Cruel Winter20175
      • Many a Twist20176

  • Corby, Gary

      Nicolaos, the ambitious son of a minor sculptor, Ancient Greece
      • The Pericles Commission20101
      • The Ionia Sanction20112
      • Sacred Games20133
      • The Marathon Conspiracy20144
      • Death Ex Machina20155
      • The Singer from Memphis20166
      • Death on Delos20177

  • Crow, Donna Fletcher

      Felicity Howard and Fr. Antony, Yorkshire
      • A Very Private Grave20101
      • A Darkly Hidden Truth20112

      Lord Danvers, Victorian era
      • A Most Inconvenient Death19931
      • Grave Matters19942
      • To Dust You Shall Return19953

  • Deering, Julianna

      Drew Farthering, 1930s England
      • Rules of Murder20131
      • Death By the Book20142
      • Murder at the Mikado20143
      • Dressed for Death20164
      • Murder on the Moor20175

  • de Hahn, Tracee

      Swiss-American police officer Agnes Luthi
      • Swiss Vendetta20171
      • A Well-Timed Murder20182

  • DePoy, Phillip

      • The King James Conspiracy2009

      Christopher Marlowe
      • A Prisoner in Malta20161
      • The English Agent20172

  • Faye, Lyndsay

      • Dust and Shadow2009
      • Jane Steele2016

      Short Stories
      • The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes2017

  • Finch, Charles

      Charles Lenox (prequel)
      • The Woman in the Water20181

      Charles Lenox, Victorian gentleman and armchair explorer
      • A Beautiful Blue Death20071
      The September Society20082
      • The Fleet Street Murders20093
      • A Stranger in Mayfair20104
      • A Burial at Sea20115
      • A Death in the Small Hours20126
      • An Old Betrayal20137
      • The Laws of Murder20148
      • Home by Nightfall20159
      • The Inheritance201610

  • Freeman, Dianne

      Countess of Harleigh, Victorian England
      • A Lady's Guide To Etiquette And Murder20181

  • Gobbell, Phyllis

      Jordan Mayfair
      • Pursuit in Provence20151
      • Secrets and Shamrocks20162
      • Treachery in Tuscany20183

  • Goldberg, Leonard

      Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series
      • The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes20171
      • A Study in Treason20182

  • Grecian, Alex

      Murder Squad Short Story
      • The Blue Girl2014

      Murder Squad of Scotland Yard, Victorian London
      • The Yard20121
      • The Black Country20132
      • The Devil's Workshop20143
      • The Harvest Man20154
      • Lost and Gone Forever20165

  • Grossman, Paul

      Detective Willi Krauss, Berlin, 1940s
      • The Sleepwalkers20101
      • Children of Wrath20122

  • Haberman, Steve

      state criminal investigator Stanislas Cassel, Paris
      • Murder Without Pity20041

  • Hampton, Nell

      Kensington Palace Chef
      • Kale to the Queen20171
      • Lord of the Pies20182

  • Harris, C S

      Sebastian St. Cyr, Regency England
      • What Angels Fear20051
      • When Gods Die20062
      • Why Mermaids Sing20073
      • Where Serpents Sleep20084
      • What Remains of Heaven20095
      • Where Shadows Dance20116
      • When Maidens Mourn20127
      • What Darkness Brings20138
      • Why Kings Confess20149
      • Who Buries the Dead201510
      • When Falcons Fall201611
      • Where the Dead Lie201712
      • Why Kill the Innocent201813

  • Hart, Erin

      Nora Gavin, Pathologist, Galway, Ireland
      • Haunted Ground20031
      • Lake of Sorrows20042
      • False Mermaid20103
      • The Book of Killowen20134

  • Hays, Tony/Anthony

      Jacobean Mystery
      • Shakespeare No More20151

      Malgwyn ap Cuneglas, counsellor to King Arthur
      • The Killing Way20091
      • The Divine Sacrifice20102
      • The Beloved Dead20113
      • The Stolen Bride20124
      • The Redemption Path20145

  • Holsinger, Bruce

      John Gower, C14th London
      • A Burnable Book20141
      • The Invention of Fire20152

  • Huber, Anna Lee

      Lady Darby, Scotland, 1830s
      • The Anatomist's Wife20121
      • Mortal Arts20132
      • A Grave Matter20143
      • A Study in Death20154
      • As Death Draws Near20165
      • A Brush with Shadow20186

  • Inbinder, Gary

      Inspector Lefebvre, Paris, 1889
      • The Devil in Montmartre20151
      • The Hanged Man20162

  • Ireland, D E

      Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins
      • Wouldn't It Be Deadly20141
      • Move Your Blooming Corpse20152
      • Get Me to the Grave On Time20163

  • Jay, Gerald

      Inspector Paul Mazarelle, Taziac, Dordogne
      • The Paris Directive20121

  • Kenneth, Maxine

      Jacqueline Bouvier
      • Paris to Die For20111
      • Spy in a Little Black Dress20122

  • King, Laurie R

      • Touchstone2008
      • The Bones of Paris2013

      Mary Russell Short Stories
      • Mary Russell's War20161

      Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes
      • The Beekeeper's Apprentice19941
      • A Monstrous Regiment of Women19952
      • A Letter of Mary19973
      • The Moor19984
      O Jerusalem19995
      • Justice Hall20026
      • The Game20047
      • Locked Rooms20058
      • The Language of Bees20099
      The God of the Hive201010
      Pirate King201111
      Garment of Shadows201212
      • Dreaming Spies201513
      • The Murder of Mary Russell201614
      • Island of the Mad201815

  • Koreto, R J

      Lady Frances Ffolkes, Edwardian era
      • Death On the Sapphire20161
      • Death Among Rubies20162
      • Death at the Emerald20173

  • Law, Janice

      Francis Bacon
      • Fires of London 20121
      • The Prisoner of the Riviera20132
      • Moon Over Tangier20143
      • Nights in Berlin20164
      • Afternoons in Paris20175
      • Mornings in London20176

  • Lawrence, Mary

      Bianca Goddard, Henry VIII era
      • The Alchemist's Daughter20151
      • Death of an Alchemist20162
      • Death at St. Vedast20163

  • MacBird, Bonnie

      Sherlock Holmes Adventure
      • Art in the Blood20151
      • Unquiet Spirits20172

  • MacRae, Molly

      The Highland Bookshop Mystery Series
      • Plaid and Plagiarism20161

  • Malliet, G M

      • Weycombe2017

      Detective Chief Inspector St Just
      • Death of a Cozy Writer (apa Death of a Cosy Writer)20081
      Death and the Lit Chick20092
      Death At the Alma Mater20103

      Max Tudor, Vicar
      • Wicked Autumn20111
      A Fatal Winter20122
      • Pagan Spring20133
      • Demon Summer20144
      • The Haunted Season20155
      • Devil's Breath20176
      • In Prior's Wood20187

  • Maxwell, Alyssa

      Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery
      • Murder Most Malicious20161
      • A Pinch of Poison20162
      • A Devious Death20173

  • O'Brien, Charles

      Anne Cartier, Former actress turned teacher for the deaf, French Revolution era
      • Mute Witness20011
      Black Gold20022
      • Noble Blood20043
      • Lethal Beauty20054
      • Fatal Carnival20065
      • Cruel Choices20076
      • Assassins' Rage20087
      • Deadly Quarrel20098

  • O'Connor, Carlene

      Siobhan O'Sullivan, Kilbane, County Cork
      • Murder in an Irish Village20161
      • Murder at an Irish Wedding20172
      • Murder in an Irish Churchyard20183

  • Parker, Kate

      Georgia Fenchurch, antiquarian bookseller, Victorian London
      • The Vanishing Thief20131
      • The Counterfeit Lady20142

  • Penrose, Andrea

      Lady Arianna Hadley Novella
      • The Stolen Letters (ebook only)20171

      Lady Arianna Hadley, Regency England
      • Sweet Revenge20111
      • The Cocoa Conspiracy20112
      • Recipe for Treason20123

      Wrexford & Sloane
      • Murder on Black Swan Lane20171
      • Murder at Half Moon Gate20182

  • Phillips, Christi

      Claire Donovan, Cambridge Fellow
      • The Rossetti Letter20071
      • The Devlin Diary20092

  • Pope, Barbara Corrado

      Magistrate Bernard Martin, 1890s, France
      • Cezanne's Quarry20081
      • The Blood of Lorraine20102

  • Quincy, D M

      • Murder in Bloomsbury2018

      Atlas Catesby, Regency London
      • Murder in Mayfair20171

  • Raybourn, Deanna

      Lady Julia Grey and Nicholas Brisbane, Victorian London
      Silent in the Grave20071
      • Silent in the Sanctuary20082
      • Silent On The Moor20093
      • Dark Road to Darjeeling20104
      • The Dark Enquiry20115

      Veronica Speedwell, adventuress and butterfly hunter, Victorian London
      • A Curious Beginning20151
      • A Perilous Undertaking20172
      • A Treacherous Curse20183

  • Robertson, Michael

      Brothers Reggie and Nigel Heath, Lawyers, Baker Street
      • The Baker Street Letters20091
      • The Brothers of Baker Street20012
      • The Baker Street Translation20133
      • Moriarty Returns a Letter20144
      • The Baker Street Jurors20165

  • Roe, C F

      Dr. Jean Montrose, Perth, Scotland
      • Lumsden Baby (apa A Nasty Bit of Murder)19901
      • Death by Fire (apa A Fiery Hint of Murder)19902
      • Bad Blood (apa A Classy Touch of Murder)19913
      • Deadly Partnership (apa A Bonny Case of Murder)19914
      • Fatal Fever (apa A Torrid Piece of Murder)19925
      • Death in the Family (A Relative Act of Murder)19936
      • A Hidden Cause of Murder19967
      • A Tangled Knot of Murder19968

  • Rowland, Laura Joh

      Miss Sarah Bain, Victorian Era
      • The Ripper's Shadow20171
      • A Mortal Likeness20182

  • Royal, Priscilla

      Eleanor, Prioress of Tyndal, 13thC, East Anglia
      Wine of Violence20031
      • Tyrant Of The Mind20042
      • Sorrow Without End20063
      • Justice for the Damned20074
      • Forsaken Soul20085
      • Chambers of Death20096
      • Valley of Dry Bones20107
      • The Killing Season20118
      • Sanctity of Hate20129
      • Covenant with Hell201310
      • Satan's Lullaby201511
      • Land of Shadows201612
      • The Proud Sinner201713

  • Shea, Susan C

      Katherine Goff
      • Love & Death in Burgundy20171
      • Dressed for Death in Burgundy20182

  • Shelton, Paige

      Scottish Bookshop Mystery
      • The Cracked Spine20161
      • Of Books and Bagpipes20172
      • Lost Books and Old Bones20183

      Scottish Bookshop Mystery Short Story
      • A Christmas Tartan (ebook only)20161

  • Smith, Martin Cruz

      • The Girl from Venice2016

      Chief Investigator Arkady Renko, Moscow
      • Gorky Park19811
      • Polar Star19892
      • Red Square19923
      • Havana Bay19994
      • Wolves Eat Dogs20055
      • Stalin's Ghost20076
      • Three Stations20117

  • Starr, Mel/Melvin R

      Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon, 14thC England
      • The Unquiet Bones20081
      • A Corpse at St Andrew's Chapel20092
      • A Trail of Ink20103
      • Unhallowed Ground20114
      • The Tainted Coin20125
      • Rest Not in Peace20136
      • The Abbot's Agreement20147
      • Ashes to Ashes20158
      • Lucifer's Harvest20169

  • Street, Karen Lee

      Poe and Dupin
      • Edgar Allan Poe and The London Monster20161
      • Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru20182

  • Thomas, Will

      Barker and Llewelyn, Victorian London
      • Some Danger Involved20041
      • To Kingdom Come20052
      • The Limehouse Text20063
      • The Hellfire Conspiracy20074
      • The Black Hand20085
      • Fatal Enquiry20146
      • Anatomy of Evil20157
      • Hell Bay20168
      • Old Scores20179

  • Wagner, David P

      Rick Montoya Italian Mysteries
      • Cold Tuscan Stone20131
      • Death in the Dolomites20142
      • Murder Most Unfortunate20153
      • Return to Umbria20164
      • Funeral in Montova20185

  • Weaver, Ashley

      Amory Ames
      • Murder at the Brightwell20141
      • Death Wears a Mask20152
      • A Most Novel Revenge20163
      • The Essence of Malice20174

  • Westerson, Jeri

      Crispin Guest, ex Knight, Medieval times
      • Veil of Lies20081
      • Serpent in the Thorns20092
      • The Demon's Parchment20103
      • Troubled Bones20114
      • Blood Lance20125
      • Shadow of the Alchemist20136
      • The Silence of Stones20157
      • A Maiden Weeping20168
      • Season of Blood20179
      • The Deepest Grave201810

  • White, Alana

      Guid Antonio Vespucci, Florence, 1480
      • The Sign of the Weeping Virgin20131

  • White, Jenny

      Kamil Pasha, Magistrate, 19thC Istanbul
      • The Sultan's Seal20061
      • The Abyssinian Proof20082
      • The Winter Thief20103

  • Wilson, Edward

      • The Envoy20091
      • The Darkling Spy20102
      • The Midnight Swimmer20123
      • The Whitehall Mandarin20144
      • A Very British Ending20155
      • South Atlantic Requiem20186

  • Winslow, Emily

      The Whole World2010

      Detective Inspector Chloe Frohmann and her partner, Morris Keene, Cambridge
      • The Start of Everything20131
      • The Red House20152
      • Look for Her20173

  • Wynn, Patricia

      Gideon Mars & Mrs Kean
      • The Birth of Blue Satan20011
      • The Spider's Touch20022
      • Motive from the Deed20083
      • Killing Frost20114
      • Acts of Faith20145
      • Whisper of Death20176

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