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Authors and Bibliographies (Wales)

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

  • Ace, Cathy

      A Wise Enquiries Agency Mystery
      • The Case of the Dotty Dowager20151
      • The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer20152

      Welsh-Canadian Professor Cait Morgan, Criminologist
      • The Corpse with the Silver Tongue20121
      • The Corpse with the Golden Nose20132
      • The Corpse with the Emerald Thumb20143
      • The Corpse with the Platinum Hair20144
      • The Corpse with the Sapphire Eyes20155
      • The Corpse with the Diamond Hand20156
      • The Corpse with the Garnet Face20167

  • Barry, David (See also: Meurig Jones)

      • Mr Micawber Down Under2011

      DI Harry Lambert, Swansea
      • Each Man Kills (also see Meurig Jones)20143

      Freddie Weston
      • Muscle20131
      • A Deadly Diversion20142

  • Black, Veronica (See also: Maureen Peters, Judith Rothman)

      • Last Seen Wearing1990
      • My Name Is Polly Winter1993

      Sister Joan, Cornwall
      • A Vow of Silence19901
      • A Vow of Chastity19912
      • A Vow of Sanctity19933
      • A Vow of Obedience19934
      • A Vow of Penance19945
      • A Vow of Devotion19946
      • A Vow of Fidelity19957
      • A Vow of Poverty19968
      • A Vow of Adoration19969
      • A Vow of Compassion199710
      • A Vow of Evil200411

  • Craig, David (See also: Bill James, Judith Jones, James Tucker)

      • The Alias Man1968
      • Message Ends1969
      • Contact Lost1970
      • Young Men May Die1970
      • A Walk at Night1971
      • Up from the Grave1971
      • Double Take1972
      • Bolthole1973
      • Whose Little Girl Are You?1974
      • A Dead Liberty1975
      • The Albion Case1975
      • Faith, Hope and Death1976

      Detective Sally Bithron, Cardiff
      • Hear Me Talking To You20041
      • Tip Top (as Bill James)20052

      Detectives Brade and Jenkins, Cardiff
      • Forget It19951
      • The Tattooed Detective19982
      • Torch19993
      • Bay City20004

  • David, Saul

      George 'Zulu' Hart
      • Zulu Hart20091
      • Hart of Empire20102
      • The Prince and the Whitechapel Murders20183

  • Davies, Linda

      • Wilderness of Mirrors1996
      • Into the Fire1999
      • Final Settlement2005

      Sarah Jensen, city trader turned MI6 agent
      • Nest of Vipers19941
      • Something Wild20012

  • Francis, Dick

      • Dead Cert1962
      • Nerve1964
      • For Kicks1965
      • Flying Finish1966
      • Blood Sport1967
      • Forfeit1968
      • Enquiry1969
      • Rat Race1970
      • Bonecrack1971
      • Smokescreen1972
      • Skay Ride1973
      • Knockdown1974
      • High Stakes1975
      • In the Frame1976
      • Risk1977
      • Trial Run1978
      • Reflex1980
      • Twice Shy1981
      • Banker1982
      • The Danger1983
      • Hot Money1987
      • The Edge1988
      • Straight1989
      • Longshot1990
      • Comeback1991
      • Driving Force1992
      • Decider1993
      • Wild Horses1994
      • To the Hilt1996
      • 10 lb Penalty1997
      • Second Wind1999
      • Shattered2000
      Dead Heat (with Felix Francis)2007
      Silks (with Felix Francis)2008
      Even Money (with Felix Francis)2009
      Crossfire (with Felix Francis)2010
      Gamble (by Felix Francis)2011
      • Bloodline (by Felix Francis)2012
      • Pulse (by Felix Francis)2017

      Jefferson Hinkley
      • Damage (by Felix Francis)20141
      • Front Runner (by Felix Francis)20152
      • Triple Crown (by Felix Francis)20163

      Kit Fielding, steeplechase jockey
      • Break In19851
      • Bolt19862

      Short Stories
      • Field of Thirteen1998

      Sid Halley, ex-jockey turned investigator
      • Odds Against19651
      • Whip Hand19792
      • Come to Grief19953
      Under Orders20064
      Refusal (by Felix Francis)20135

  • Granelli, Roger

      • Losing It (Quick Reads novella)2008
      • Risk2008
      • Dead Pretty2009

  • Gwyn, Richard

      • The Colour of a Dog Running Away2005
      • Deep Hanging Out2007

  • Hamer, Kate

      • The Girl in the Red Coat2015
      • The Doll Funeral2017

  • Hawkins, Alis

      • Testament2008

      Harry Probert-Lloyd, 1850s, Wales
      • None So Blind20171

  • James, Bill (See also: David Craig, Judith Jones, James Tucker)

      • The Last Enemy1997
      • Middleman2002
      • Between Lives2003
      • Letters from Carthage2006
      • Making Stuff Up2006
      • Off-Street Parking2008
      • Full of Money2009
      • World War Two Will Not Take Place2011
      • Noose2013
      • Snatched2014

      DCS Harpur and ACC Iles
      • You'd Better Believe It19851
      • The Lolita Man19862
      • Halo Parade19873
      • Protection (apa Harper and Iles in Protection)19884
      • Come Clean19895
      • Take19906
      • Club19917
      • Astride a Grave19918
      • Gospel19929
      • Roses, Roses199310
      • In Good Hands199411
      • The Detective is Dead199512
      • Top Banana199613
      • Panicking Ralph199714
      • Lovely Mover199815
      • Eton Crop199916
      • Kill Me200017
      • Pay Days200118
      Naked at the Window200219
      • The Girl with the Long Back200320
      • Easy Streets200421
      • Wolves of Memory200522
      • Girls200623
      • Pix200724
      In the Absence of Iles200825
      • Hotbed200926
      • I am Gold201027
      • Vacuum201128
      • Undercover201229
      • Play Dead201330
      • Disclosures201431
      • Blaze Away201532
      • First Fix Your Alibi201533
      • Close201734

      Detective Sally Bithron, Cardiff
      • Hear Me Talking To You (as David Craig)20041
      • Tip Top20052

      Kerry Lake, Policewoman
      • Baby Talk (as Judith Jones)19981
      • After Melissa (as Judith Jones)19992
      • Double Jeopardy20023

      Short Stories
      • The Sixth Man and Other Stories2006

      Simon Abelard, Spy
      • Split20011
      • A Man's Enemies20032

  • John, D B

      • Flight from Berlin (as David John)2013
      • Star of the North2018

  • John, Katherine

      • By Any Other Name (apa By Any Name)1995
      • The Amber Knight2007

      Trevor Joseph, Policeman
      • Without Trace19901
      • Six Foot Under (apa Midnight Murders)19932
      • Murder of a Dead Man19943
      • The Corpse's Tale (Quick Reads Novella)20064
      • Black Daffodil20075
      • A Well-deserved Murder20086
      • The Destruction of Evidence20097

  • Jones, Dylan

      • Thicker Than Water1993
      • Unnatural Acts1996

      Natalie Vine, forensic psychiatrist
      • Outside the Rules19941
      • Unto the Wicked20022

  • Knight, Bernard

      • Dead in the Dog2012

      Richard Pryor, Forensic pathologist , 1955
      • Where Death Delights20101
      • According to the Evidence20102
      • Grounds for Appeal20113

      Sir John de Wolfe, County Coroner, Devon C12th
      • The Sanctuary Seeker19981
      • The Poisoned Chalice19982
      • Crowner's Quest19993
      • The Awful Secret20004
      • The Tinner's Corpse20015
      • The Grim Reaper20026
      • Fear in the Forest20037
      • The Witch Hunter20048
      • Figure of Hate20059
      The Elixir of Death200610
      Noble Outlaw200711
      The Manor of Death200812
      Crowner Royal200913
      A Plague of Heretics201014
      • Crowner's Crusade (prequel)201215

  • Lewis, Robert

      Robin Llewellyn, PI, Bristol
      • Last Llanelli Train20051
      • Swansea Terminal20072
      • Bank Of The Black Sheep20103

  • Marston, Edward/A E (See also: Conrad Allen, Martin Inigo, Keith Miles)

      Bow Street Rivals
      • Shadow of the Hangman20151
      • Steps to the Gallows20162
      • Date with the Executioner20173
      • Fugitive from the Grave20184

      Captain Rawson, C17th
      • Soldier of Fortune20081
      • Drums of War20082

      Christopher Redmayne, Architect, C17th
      • The King's Evil19991
      • The Amorous Nightingale20012
      • The Repentant Rake20023
      • The Frost Fair20034
      The Parliament House20065
      • The Painted Lady20076

      Det. Insp Colbeck, Scotland Yard, mid 19th Century
      The Railway Detective20041
      The Excursion Train20052
      The Railway Viaduct20063
      The Iron Horse20074
      • Murder on the Brighton Express20085
      • The Silver Locomotive Mystery20096
      • Railway to the Grave20107
      • Blood on the Line20118
      The Stationmaster's Farewell20129
      • Peril on the Royal Train201310
      • The Ticket to Oblivion201411
      • Timetable of Death201512
      • Signal for Vengeance 201613
      • The Circus Train Conspiracy201714
      • A Christmas Railway Mystery201715
      • Points of Danger201816

      Inspector Harvey Marmion and Sergeant Joe Keedy
      A Bespoke Murder20111
      • Instrument of Slaughter20122
      • Five Dead Canaries20133
      • Deeds of Darkness20144
      • Dance of Death20155
      • The Enemy Within20166
      • Under Attack20177

      Nicholas Bracewell, Stage manager, Elizabethan Era
      • The Queen's Head19881
      • The Merry Devils19892
      • The Trip to Jerusalem19903
      • The Nine Giants19914
      • The Mad Courtesan19925
      • The Silent Woman19946
      • The Roaring Boy19957
      • The Laughing Hangman19968
      • The Fair Maid of Bohemia19979
      • Wanton Angel199910
      • The Devil's Apprentice200111
      • The Bawdy Basket200212
      The Vagabond Clown200313
      • The Counterfeit Crank200414
      • The Malevolent Comedy200515
      • The Princess of Denmark200616

      Ralph Delchard and Gervase Bret, Domesday Commissioners
      • The Wolves of Savernake19931
      • The Ravens of Blackwater19942
      • The Dragons of Archenfield19953
      • The Lions of the North19954
      • The Serpents of Harbledown19965
      • The Stallions of Woodstock19976
      • The Hawks of Delamere19987
      • The Wildcats of Exeter19988
      • The Foxes of Warwick19999
      The Owls of Gloucester200010
      • The Elephants of Norwich200011

      Short Stories
      • Inspector Colbeck's Casebook: Thirteen Tales from the Railway Detective2014

  • Rees, Emlyn

      • Undertow1999
      • That Summer He Died (ebook only)2013

      Danny Shanklin
      • Hostage (Quick Reads Novella)20132
      • Wanted20143

  • Thomas, Mike

      • Pocket Notebook2010
      Ugly Bus2015

      DC Will MacReady, Cardiff
      • Ash and Bones20161
      • Splinter20172

  • Trow, M J

      A Grand & Batchelor Victorian Mystery
      • The Blue and the Grey20141
      • The Circle20162
      • The Angel20163
      • The Island20174

      Christopher Marlowe
      • Dark Entry20111
      • Silent Court20112
      • Witchhammer20123
      • Scorpion's Nest20124
      • Crimson Rose20135
      • Traitor's Storm20146
      • Secret World20157
      • Eleventh Hour20178
      • Queen's Progress20189

      Christopher Marlowe Short Story
      • All Hallows' Eve (ebook only)20151

      Inspector Lestrade, from the Sherlock Holmes stories
      • The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade (apa The Supreme Adventure of Inspector Lestrade)19851
      • Brigade: Further Adventures of Inspector Lestrade19862
      • Lestrade and the Hallowed House19873
      • Lestrade and the Leviathan19874
      • Lestrade and the Brother of Death19885
      • Lestrade and the Ripper19886
      • Lestrade and the Guardian Angel19907
      • Lestrade and the Deadly Game19908
      • Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince19919
      • Lestrade and the Magpie199110
      • Lestrade and the Dead Man's Hand199211
      • Lestrade and the Sign of Nine199212
      • Lestrade and the Sawdust Ring199313
      • Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder199314
      • Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus199515
      • Lestrade and the Devil's Own199616
      • Lestrade and the Giant Rat of Sumatra201417

      Peter Maxwell, Teacher
      • Maxwell's House19941
      • Maxwell's Flame19952
      • Maxwell's Movie19983
      • Maxwell's War19994
      • Maxwell's Ride20005
      • Maxwell's Curse20006
      • Maxwell's Reunion20017
      • Maxwell's Match20038
      • Maxwell's Inspection20039
      Maxwell's Grave200410
      • Maxwell's Mask200511
      • Maxwell's Point200712
      • Maxwell's Chain200813
      • Maxwell's Revenge200914
      • Maxwell's Retirement201015
      Maxwell's Island201116
      • Maxwell's Crossing201217
      • Maxwell's Return201418
      • Maxwell's Academy201519

  • Williams, Charlotte

      Jessica Mayhew, Psychotherapist
      • The House on the Cliff20131
      • Black Valley20142

  • Williams, David

      Inspector Parry, South Wales
      • Last Seen Breathing19941
      • Death of a Prodigal19952
      • Dead in the Market19963
      • A Terminal Case19974
      • Suicide Intended19985
      Practise to Deceive20036

      Mark Treasure, Banker
      • Unholy Writ19761
      • Treasure by Degrees19772
      • Treasure Up in Smoke19783
      • Murder for Treasure19804
      • Copper, Gold and Treasure19825
      • Treasure Preserved19836
      • Advertise for Treasure19847
      • Wedding Treasure19858
      • Murder in Advent19859
      • Treasure in Roubles198610
      • Divided Treasure198711
      Treasure in Oxford198812
      • Holy Treasure!198913
      • Prescription for Murder199014
      • Treasure by Post199115
      • Planning on Murder199216
      • Banking on Murder199317

      Short Stories
      • Criminal Intentions2001

  • Young, Dylan

      Detective Anna Gwynne
      • The Silent Girls20181
      • Blood Runs Cold20182

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