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Euro Crime's Top 2011 reads

2011's Euro Crime contributors: Pat Austin, Mark Bailey, Maxine Clarke, Amanda Gillies, Terry Halligan, Lynn Harvey, Sarah Hilary, Geoff Jones, Karen Meek, Michelle Peckham, Norman Price, Laura Root, Rich Westwood and Susan White reveal their top European crime reads of that year (links are to the reviewer's own review of that title). NB. I have preserved the order that the lists were sent to me, assuming that if they are not in alphabetical order that they are a ranked list (unless stated otherwise).

A summary of the lists in terms of favourite titles, authors and translators is available on the blog.

Pat Austin

  • Laurie R King - The Pirate King
  • Belinda Bauer - Blacklands
  • Louise Welsh - Naming the Bones
  • Laurie R King - God of the Hive
  • Cassandra Clare - Hangman Blind

    Mark Bailey

  • Arnaldur Indridason - Outrage, tr. Anna Yates
    The 9th book in the series but using Elinborg rather than Erlendur as the chief protagonist.
  • Peter Robinson - Bad Boy
    The 19th Inspector Banks novel.
  • Peter James - Dead Man's Grip
    The 7th Detective Superintendent Roy Grace novel.
  • Christopher Fowler - Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood
    The 9th book about Arthur Bryant, John May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit.
  • Hakan Nesser - The Inspector and Silence, tr. Laurie Thompson
    The 5th Chief Inspector Van Veeteren book.
  • Nigel McCrery - Scream
    The 3rd Chief Inspector Lapslie novel.
  • Declan Burke - Down these Green Streets
    An anthology of essays and short stories on Irish crime fiction.

    These choices reflect my liking for police procedurals.

    Maxine Clarke

  • Stef Penney - The Invisible Ones
  • Thomas Enger - Burned, tr. Charlotte Barslund
  • Johan Theorin - The Quarry, tr. Marlaine Delargy
  • Jorn Lier Horst - Dregs, tr. Anne Bruce
  • Asa Larsson - Until Thy Wrath be Past, tr. Laurie Thompson
  • Arnaldur Indridason - Outrage, tr. Anna Yates
  • Gene Kerrigan - The Rage
  • Sofi Oksanen - Purge, tr. Lola Rogers
  • Jussi Adler-Olsen - Mercy, tr. Lisa Hartford
  • Elizabeth Haynes - Into the Darkest Corner

    Amanda Gillies

  • Simon Toyne - Sanctus
  • Doug Johnstone - Smokeheads
  • Peter May - The Blackhouse
  • Don Winslow - Satori
  • Craig Robertson - Snapshot

    "This has been an excellent year, with a plentiful supply of superb books and many happy hours spent reading them. There are other authors that are my favourites too who have not made it onto the list this year - not because I like them less but because these five books have simply blown me away.

    As ever, I love a well-written challenge and usually, but not always, the darker the better. I also love a good book with a religious theme - and Sanctus hit me in all the right places. An excellent book - and my sister loved it too!

    Books with a twist that I can't guess are always top of my choices - and all of my Top Five are spot-on in this regard.

    Many thanks to Euro Crime for continuing to feed my reading passion. I am really looking forward to the delights that 2012 will bring..."

    Terry Halligan

  • Richard Zimler - The Warsaw Anagrams
    Disturbing story of murders in the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto in 1940,
  • Andrew Martin - The Somme Stations
    Very atmospheric First World War murder mystery during the Somme Campaign.
  • Imogen Robertson - Island of Bones
    Cumbria, 1783 very evocative thriller of murders in the beautiful Lakeland area.
  • Rory Clements - Prince
    More Elizabethan skulduggery and intrigue as John Shakespeare in 1595 looks for a murderer.
  • Aly Monroe - Icelight
    A very atmospheric thriller set in 1947 as Peter Cotton tries to protect a gay scientist from homophobic attack.

  • Alan Glynn - Bloodland
    Spectacular international thriller of corruption, collusion and conspiracy.
  • Gerald Seymour - A Deniable Death
    A gripping thriller of a hunt to kill a builder of Improvised explosive devices.
  • Jo Nesbo - The Leopard, tr. Don Bartlett
  • Jo Nesbo - The Snowman, tr. Don Bartlett
    The ultimate books of the Scandinavian mystery writer.
  • Adrian Dawson - Sequence
    A high tech. conspiracy thriller combining murder mystery and sci-fi elements.

    Lynn Harvey

  • Lucretia Grindle - The Lost Daughter
  • Stuart Neville - Collusion
  • Michael Ridpath - Where Shadows Lie
  • Martin Cruz Smith - Three Stations
  • Fred Vargas - An Uncertain Place

    Sarah Hilary

  • Fred Vargas - An Uncertain Place
  • Neil Cross - Luther: The Calling
  • Eoin Colfer - Unplugged
  • Christopher Wakling - The Devil's Mask
  • Alison Bruce - The Siren

    Geoff Jones

  • Lynda La Plante - Bloodline
  • Karen Campbell - Proof of Life
  • Tana French - Faithful Place
  • Robert Goddard - Blood Count
  • Mark Billingham - Good as Dead

    Special mention for:- End of the Wasp Season by Denise Mina, London Calling by James Craig and Or the Bull Kills You by Jason Webster.

    Karen Meek

  • Jussi Adler-Olsen - Mercy tr. Lisa Hartford
  • Anne Holt - Fear Not tr. Marlaine Delargy
  • Asa Larsson - Until Thy Wrath be Past tr. Laurie Thompson
  • Jo Nesbo - The Leopard tr. Don Bartlett
  • Roslund-Hellstrom - Three Seconds tr. Kari Dickson

    Runner-up: Sergios Gakas - Ashes tr. Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife

    Michelle Peckham

  • Jo Nesbo - The Leopard, tr. Don Bartlett
  • Asa Larsson - Until Thy Wrath be Past tr. Laurie Thompson
  • Liza Marklund - The Bomber, tr. Neil Smith
  • Jan Costin Wagner - Ice Moon, tr. John Brownjohn
  • Oliver Stark - 88 Killer
  • Johan Theorin - The Quarry, tr. Marlaine Delargy

    Norman Price

  • Roslund-Hellstrom - The Vault
  • Domingo Villar - Death on a Galician Shore, tr. Sonia Soto
  • Jussi Adler-Olsen - Mercy, tr. Lisa Hartford
  • Arne Dahl - Misterioso, tr. Tiina Nunnally
  • Hakan Nesser - The Unlucky Lottery, tr. Laurie Thompson

    Laura Root

  • Hakan Nesser - The Inspector and Silence, tr. Laurie Thompson
  • Ben Pastor - Lumen
  • Thomas Enger - Burned, tr. Charlotte Barslund
  • Elly Griffiths - The Crossing Places
  • Faiza Guene - Bar Balto, tr. Sarah Ardizzone
  • Mons Kallentoft - Midwinter Sacrifice, tr. Neil Smith
  • Jussi Adler-Olsen - Mercy, tr. Lisa Hartford

    The best book I have read all year is, the non-fiction, Amexica by British author Ed Vulliamy, about crime/politics on US/Mexico border.

    Rich Westwood

  • Pierre Magnan - The Messengers of Death, tr. Patricia Clancy
    A weird story of skullduggery in 1970s Provence.
  • Fred Vargas - The Three Evangelists, tr. Sian Reynolds
    Excellent and deservedly much recommended.
  • Fred Vargas - This Night's Foul Work, tr. Sian Reynolds
    Which I preferred to her other Adamsberg novels, I think for the depiction of the romantic rivalry of two of the characters.
  • Phil Rickman - The Lamp of the Wicked
    An eerie and ambitious story in the long-running Merrily Watkins series.
  • Christopher Brookmyre - A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil
    Deserves a nomination purely for its vivid depiction of life in primary and secondary school.

    Susan White

  • Sophie Hannah - Lasting Damage
  • Constance Briscoe - The Accused
  • Alison Bruce - The Calling
  • Jonathan Lewis - Into Darkness
  • Jason Goodwin - An Evil Eye

    January 2012

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