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Published in the UK during 2012.

• Aaronovitch, BenWhispers Underground
• Adams, JaneCause of Death
Adams, WillNewton's Fire
Adler-Olsen, JussiDisgrace (apa The Absent One)Translated
• Anderson, GeraintPayback Time
• Anthology, AnBooks to Die For (eds. John Connolly & Declan Burke)Anthology
• Anthology, AnVenice Noir (ed. Maxim Jakubowski)Anthology
• Arnold, MichaelHunter's RageHistorical
Bailey, ElizabethThe Deathly PortentHistorical
Baker, AdamJuggernaut
• Ballantyne, LisaThe Guilty OneFirst Novel
Barclay, AlexBlood Loss
• Barr, EmilyStranded
• Barrie, DavidHard-hearted
• Bass, JeffersonThe Bones of Avignon (apa The Inquisitor's Key)
Bateman, ColinThe Prisoner of Brenda
Bates, QuentinCold Comfort
• Battison, PattiThe Dead Do Speak
Bauer, BelindaFinders Keepers
• Beardsley, MartynMurder in Montague PlaceHistorical, First Novel
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin and the Christmas Crumble (ebook)
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: Hiss and Hers
Beaton, M CDeath of a Kingfisher
• Becker, JamesEcho of the Reich
• Belbin, DavidWhat You Don't Know
• Benn, TomThe Doll PrincessFirst Novel
• Bilal, ParkerDogstar Rising
• Bilal, ParkerThe Golden Scales
Billingham, MarkRush of Blood
• Bilyeau, NancyThe CrownFirst Novel, Historical
• Binet, LaurentHHrHTranslated, First Novel
• Bingham, HarryTalking to the Dead
Black, BenjaminVengeanceHistorical
Black, HelenTwenty Twelve
Black, SeanLock & Load (ebook only)
Black, SeanThe Devil's Bounty
Black, TonyLong Way Down (ebook, novella)
Black, TonyMurder Mile
Black, TonyThe Storm Without
• Blake, RichardThe Ghosts of AthensHistorical
• Blake, RobinDark WatersHistorical
Bolton, S J/SharonDead Scared
Bolton, S J/SharonIf Snow Hadn't Fallen (ebook only)
• Bonnot, Xavier-MarieThe Voice of the SpiritsTranslated
Booth, StephenDead and Buried
• Bosetzky, HorstCold Angel: Murder in Berlin, 1949Translated
• Bourland, FabriceThe Dream Killer of ParisTranslated, Historical
• Bourne, SamPantheonHistorical
• Boyd, WilliamWaiting for SunriseHistorical
• Brady, ConorA June Of Ordinary MurdersFirst Novel, Historical
Brandreth, GylesOscar Wilde and the Murders at Reading GaolHistorical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Bootlegger's MollHistorical
Brett, SimonCorpse on the Court
• Brodrick, WilliamThe Day of the Lie
Brody, FrancesA Woman UnknownHistorical
Brookmyre, ChristopherWhen the Devil Drives
• Brooks, KevinUntil the Darkness Comes
• Brophy, KevinThe Berlin Crossing
Bruce, AlisonThe Silence
Bruen, KenHeadstone
• Buckley, FionaQueen's BountyHistorical
Burdett, JohnVulture Peak
• Burke, BobThe Curds and Whey Mystery
Burke, DeclanSlaughter's Hound
• Burke, FrancesDark PassageHistorical
• Byrne, TanyaHeart-Shaped BruiseFirst Novel
• Cameron, KennethWinter at Death's HotelHistorical
Camilleri, AndreaThe Age of DoubtTranslated
Camilleri, AndreaThe Potter's FieldTranslated
Campbell, AifricOn the Floor
• Campion, PhilDesert FireFirst Novel
• Carrisi, DonatoThe Lost Girls of RomeTranslated
Carter, ChrisThe Death Sculptor
Carter, MaureenDying Bad
• Carver, TaniaChoked
Carver, WillThe Two
• Casey, JaneThe Last Girl
• Cato, JoyceAn Invisible Murder
• Cato, JoyceDying for a Cruise
• Ceder, CamillaBabylonTranslated
• Chambers, ClemThe First Horseman
Chambers, KimberleyThe Schemer
Charles, PaulA Pleasure to Do Death with You
Charlton, KarenThe Missing Heiress (apa The Heiress of Linn Hagh)Historical
Chattam, Maxim/MaximeCarnageTranslated
Chatterton, EdA Dark Place to DieFirst Novel
Child, LeeA Wanted Man
• Christer, SamThe Turin Shroud Secret
Churton, AlexThe Babylon GeneFirst Novel
Clare, AlysThe Song of the NightingaleHistorical
Clark, CassandraA Parliament of SpiesHistorical
Cleeves, AnnThe Glass Room
Clements, RoryTraitorHistorical
• Cleverly, BarbaraThe Ellie Hardwick MysteriesAnthology
• Clifford, MichaelGhost TownFirst Novel
Cole, MartinaThe Life
Connolly, JohnThe Wrath of Angels
Connor, AlexLegacy of Blood (apa The Hogarth Conspiracy)
Connor, AlexMemory of Bones
• Conrad, PatrickNo SaleTranslated
Conway, SimonRock Creek Park
Cookman, LesleyMurder by Magic
Cooper, Natasha/N JVengeance in Mind
Corbin, JulieDo Me No Harm
• Cornell, PaulLondon Falling
• Cosse, LaurenceA Novel BookstoreTranslated
• Cottam, F GThe Colony (ebook only)
Cotterill, ColinGrandad, There's a Head on the Beach
• Cottrell, Peter JamesEngland's JanissaryFirst Novel, Historical
Craig, JamesBuckingham Palace Blues
Craig, JamesNever Apologise, Never Explain (apa Time of Death)
Crawford, DeanContinuum
Crawford, DeanImmortal
Creed, AdamDeath in the Sun
• Cross, A JGone in SecondsFirst Novel
Crouch, JuliaEvery Vow You Break
Cumming, CharlesA Foreign Country
• Cunnell, HowardThe Sea on Fire (apa Marine Boy)First Novel
Cutler, JudithBurying the Past
Cutler, JudithGuilt Trip
Dahl, ArneMisterioso (apa The Blinded Man)Translated, First Novel
Dams, Jeanne MThe Corpse of St James's
• Darby, KateThe Whores' AsylumHistorical, First Novel
• Darrell, ElizabethSpanish Inquisition
• Dazieri, SandroneIn a HeartbeatTranslated
• De Giovanni, MaurizioI Will Have VengeanceHistorical, Translated
• Dean, A MThe Lost LibraryFirst Novel
Dean, AnnaA Place of ConfinementHistorical
• Dean, JasonThe Wrong ManFirst Novel
Dennison, HannahA Vicky Hill Exclusive!First Novel
Dennison, HannahA Vicky Hill Scoop!
Dennison, HannahExpose!
Dennison, HannahThieves!
• Dickinson, DavidDeath at the Jesus HospitalHistorical
Dobbs, MichaelA Sentimental Traitor
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Midnight ManHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Straw MenHistorical
Douglas, JamesThe Isis Covenant
Downing, DavidLehrter StationHistorical
• Drvenkar, ZoranSorryTranslated
• Duffy, MargaretStealth
Dugdall, RuthThe James Version (ebook only)
Dunn, CarolaGone West Historical
Dunne, StevenDeity
Duns, JeremyThe Moscow OptionHistorical
• Dymott, ElanorEvery Contact Leaves A TraceFirst Novel
Easter, PatrickThe River of FireHistorical
Eastland, SamSiberian Red (apa Archive 17)Historical
• Eccles, MarjorieAfter ClareHistorical
Edwards, Ruth DudleyKilling the Emperors
Ellis, KateThe Cadaver Game
Ellis, KateWatching the Ghosts
• Ellis, WalterThe Caravaggio Conspiracy
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JA Dark and Broken Heart
• Enger, ThomasPiercedTranslated
Entwhistle, VaughnAngel of Highgate (ebook only)
Eriksson, KjellThe Cruel Stars of the NightTranslated
Eriksson, KjellThe Demon of DakarTranslated
Evans, GeraldineKith and Kill
Ewan, Chris/C MSafe House
• Faletti, GiorgioThe Killer in My EyesTranslated
• Fantoni, BarryHarry Lipkin, P.I.
Ferris, GordonBitter WaterHistorical
• Fesperman, DanThe Double Game
Fforde, JasperThe Woman Who Died a Lot
Finnis, JaneGet Out or Die (apa Shadows in the Night)Historical
Fitzek, SebastianThe Eye CollectorTranslated
Fitzgerald, ConorThe Namesake
• Fois, MarcelloMemory of the AbyssTranslated
• Forrester, JamesThe Final SacramentHistorical
• Forsyth, NeilSan Carlos
• Fossum, KarinIn the Darkness (apa Eva's Eye)Translated
Fowler, ChristopherBryant and May and the Invisible Code
Francis, DickBloodline (by Felix Francis)
• Fraser, AntheaA Question of Identity
Frazer, MargaretThe Murderer's TaleHistorical
French, NicciTuesday's Gone
French, TanaBroken Harbour
• Friis, Agnete & Kaaberbol, LeneInvisible MurdersTranslated
Furst, AlanMission to ParisHistorical
Fyfield, FrancesGold Digger
Galbraith, GillianThe Road to Hell
Gallagher, StephenThe Kingdom of BonesHistorical
• Gamboa, SantiagoNecropolisTranslated
• Gamerro, CarlosAn Open SecretTranslated
• Gamerro, CarlosThe IslandsTranslated
• Garnier, PascalHow's the Pain?Translated
• Garnier, PascalThe Panda TheoryTranslated
George, ElizabethBelieving the Lie
• Gerhardsen, CarinThe Gingerbread HouseTranslated
• Gilbert, Paul DThe Annals of Sherlock HolmesHistorical
• Gill, AntonThe Sacred Scroll
• Gillies, AndreaThe White LieFirst Novel
• Giuttari, MicheleThe Black Rose of FlorenceTranslated
• Glavinic, ThomasThe Camera KillerTranslated
Goddard, RobertFault Line
• Gooden, PhilipThe Ely Testament Historical
Gordon-Smith, DoloresFrankie's LetterHistorical
Gordon-Smith, DoloresTrouble BrewingHistorical
• Graham, ElizaThe History Room
Grahame, JonReaper
• Granger, AnnA Particular Eye for VillainyHistorical
• Granotier, SylvieThe Paris Lawyer (ebook only)Translated
Gray, AlexA Pound Of Flesh
• Grebe, Camilla & Traff, AsaSome Kind of PeaceFirst Novel, Translated
Grecian, AlexThe YardHistorical, First Novel
• Green, JamesAnother Small Kingdom
Gregory, SusannaMurder by the BookHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Piccadilly PlotHistorical
• Gregson, J MLeast of Evils
• Gregson, J MMore Than Meets the Eye
• Grey, IsabelleOut of Sight
• Grieves, TomSleepwalkersFirst Novel
Griffiths, EllyA Room Full of Bones
• Griggs, TimDistant Thunder
Grubb, PennyWhere There's Smoke
Guttridge, PeterThe Thing Itself
• Haas, DerekThe Right Hand
• Haas, WolfBrenner and GodTranslated
• Haghenbeck, F GBitter DrinkTranslated
Hall, M R/MatthewThe Flight
Hall, PatriciaDeath TrapHistorical
Hall, TarquinThe Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken
• Hammond, GeraldThe Unkindest Cut
• Hancock, PennyTideline (apa Kept in the Dark)First Novel
Hanley, C BThe Sins of the FathersFirst Novel, Historical
Hannah, MariSettled Blood
Hannah, MariThe Murder WallFirst Novel
Hannah, SophieKind of Cruel
• Hare, BrunoThe Wreck
Harris, TessaThe Anatomist's ApprenticeHistorical, First Novel
Harrison, CoraChain of EvidenceHistorical
Harrison, CoraLaws in ConflictHistorical
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaBlood Never Dies
Harvey, JohnGood Bait
• Hauxwell, AnnieIn Her BloodFirst Novel
• Haynes, ElizabethRevenge of the Tide
Hays, Tony/AnthonyThe Divine SacrificeHistorical
Heley, VeronicaFalse Alarm
Heley, VeronicaMurder in Mind
• Heller, MandasueLost Angel
Helton, PeterAn Inch of Time
• Henry, JamesFatal Frost
Hill, AntonioThe Summer of Dead ToysFirst Novel, Translated
• Hill, CaseyTorn (apa Inferno)
Hill, SusanA Question of Identity
Hilton, MattNo Going Back
• Hjorth-Rosenfeldt, Sebastian Bergman (apa Dark Secrets)Translated, First Novel
• Hochgatterer, PaulusThe Mattress HouseTranslated
• Hodges, DavidRequiem (apa Revenge on the Levels)
Holt, AnneBlind Goddess (apa The Blind Goddess)Translated
• Holt, HazelA Necessary End (apa Mrs Malory and a Necessary End)
Hurley, GrahamHappy Days
Hurley, GrahamWestern Approaches
• Hutton, EwartGood PeopleFirst Novel
Indridason, ArnaldurBlack SkiesTranslated
• Ingolfsson, Viktor ArnarHouse of EvidenceTranslated
• Ingolfsson, Viktor ArnarThe Flatey EnigmaTranslated
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's FrustrationHistorical
Ison, GrahamMake Them Pay
Jackson, DavidThe Helper
• Jakubowski, MaximThe Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 9Anthology
James, BillUndercover
• James, ChristinaIn the Family
• James, DanUnsinkableHistorical
James, PeterNot Dead Yet
James, RussellThe ExhibitionistsHistorical
• Jameson, HannaSomething You AreFirst Novel
• Jansson, AnnaKiller's IslandTranslated
Jardine, QuintinAs Easy as Murder
Jardine, QuintinFuneral Note
Jecks, MichaelAct of Vengeance (ebook only)
Jecks, MichaelCity of FiendsHistorical
Jeffries, RodericMurdered by Nature
Johnston, PaulThe Green Lady
Johnstone, DougHit & Run
• Joly, Eva & Perrignon, JudithThe Eyes of Lira KazanTranslated
Jones, MeurigThe Wrecking Bar
• Jones, SusannaWhen Nights Were ColdHistorical
Jordan, WillRedemptionFirst Novel
• Judd, AlanUncommon Enemy
Jungstedt, MariDark AngelTranslated
• Jurjevics, JurisRed Flags
• Juul, PiaThe Murder of HallandTranslated
• Kallentoft, MonsAutumn KillingTranslated
• Kallentoft, MonsSummertime Death (apa Summer Death)Translated
• Kazinski, A JThe Last Good ManTranslated
Keane, JessieNameless
Kelly, JimDeath's Door
Kelly, JimNightrise
• Kent, ChristobelThe Dead Season
• Kent, Graeme/G WOne Blood
• Kepler, LarsThe NightmareTranslated
Kernick, SimonSiege
King, CatrionaA Limited JusticeFirst Novel
King, CatrionaThe Grass Tattoo
King, Laurie RGarment of ShadowsHistorical
Kinnings, MaxBaptism
Kitchin, RobKiller Reels (ebook)
Kitson, BillIdentity Crisis
Knight, AlannaDeadly LegacyHistorical
• Knight, AliThe First Cut
Knight, BernardCrowner's Crusade (prequel)Historical
Knight, BernardDead in the DogHistorical
• Knox, TomThe Babylon Rite
• Koppel, HansShe's Never Coming BackTranslated
Krajewski, MarekThe Minotaur's HeadHistorical, Translated
Kray, RobertaNothing But Trouble
La Plante, LyndaBacklash
La Plante, LyndaThe Little One (Quick Reads novella)
Lackberg, CamillaThe DrowningTranslated
Lake, DerynDead on Cue
• Lapidus, JensEasy MoneyFirst Novel, Translated
Larkin, L AThirst
• Larsson, AsaThe Black Path
• Latus, DanOut of the Night
• Laurence, JanetDeadly InheritanceHistorical
Learner, Tobsha/T SThe MapHistorical
Leather, StephenFalse Friends
Leather, StephenNightmare
Lehtolainen, LeenaMy First MurderTranslated, First Novel
Lelic, SimonThe Child Who
Leon, DonnaBeastly Things
Leonard, PeterVoices of the Dead
• Lewis, RoyGoddess of Death
Lewis, SimonBorder Run
• Link, CharlotteThe Other ChildTranslated
Linskey, HowardThe Damage
• Litchfield, MichaelThe One a Month Man
• Littell, RobertYoung PhilbyHistorical
• Lloyd, FrancesThe House on Gallows Green (apa The Gallows Green Killer)
Lovesey, PeterCop to Corpse
Lynn, MattIce Force
Macbain, BruceRoman GamesHistorical
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BBirthdays for the Dead
Magson, AdrianDeath on the Pont NoirHistorical
Magson, AdrianRetribution
Maitland, KarenThe Falcons of Fire and Ice Historical
• Malone, Michael JBlood TearsFirst Novel
Mankell, HenningThe Shadow GirlsTranslated
Mariani, ScottThe Sacred Sword
• Mark, DavidThe Dark WinterFirst Novel
Marklund, LizaLast WillTranslated
Marston, Edward/A EInstrument of SlaughterHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EThe Stationmaster's FarewellHistorical
Martin, AndrewThe Baghdad Railway ClubHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Narrow Return
• Marwood, AlexThe Wicked GirlsFirst Novel
• Massie, AllanDark Summer in BordeauxHistorical
Masters, PriscillaSmoke Alarm
• Mawer, SimonThe Girl Who Fell from the SkyHistorical
May, PeterThe Lewis Man
• Mayhew, MargaretDry Bones
• Mayle, PeterThe Marseille Caper
McCaffrey, K TThe Tara Bones
McCarthy, KeithThe Taste of Wormwood
• McCaul, KathleenWhispers From A Goan Grave
• McCreet, JamesThe Masked Adversary (ebook only)Historical
McDermid, Val/V.L.The Vanishing Point
McDermott, AndyTemple of the Gods (apa Return to Atlantis)
McGilloway, BrianThe Nameless Dead
McGowan, ClaireThe FallFirst Novel
• McGrath, M J/MelThe Boy in the Snow
• McGuire, MattDark DawnFirst Novel
McIntosh, PatThe Fourth CrowHistorical
McKenzie, GrantK.A.R.M.A.
• McKinty, AdrianThe Cold Cold Ground
McLean, Russel DFather Confessor
McNab, AndyRed Notice
McNeill, FergusEye ContactFirst Novel
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and a Bothersome Number of CorpsesHistorical
Medieval Murderers, TheThe First MurderHistorical
Meredith, D EDevouredHistorical, First Novel
Meyer, DeonSeven DaysTranslated
• Millar, LouiseThe PlaydateFirst Novel
• Miller, DannyThe Gilded EdgeHistorical
• Miloszewski, ZygmuntA Grain of TruthTranslated
Mina, DeniseGods and Beasts
Moffat, G JProtection
Mogford, ThomasShadow of the RockFirst Novel
• Molay, FrederiqueThe 7th WomanTranslated, First Novel
Moody, SusanDancing in the Dark
Moody, SusanLoose Ends
Morgan, FidelisThe Murder Quadrille
Morris, Roger/R NSummon Up the BloodHistorical
Morris, Roger/R NThe Mannequin HouseHistorical
Mosby, SteveDark Room (apa The Murder Code)
• Muir, Frank/T FTooth for a Tooth
Murphy, PeterRemovalFirst Novel
• Murphy, TheresaMcFeeley's RebellionHistorical
Myers, AmyClassic Calls the Shots
Myers, AmyClassic in the Clouds
• Nadel, BarbaraA Private Business
• Nadel, BarbaraDead of Night
• Nakamura, FuminoriThe ThiefTranslated
Nesbo, JoPhantomTranslated
Nesbo, JoThe BatTranslated, First Novel
Nesser, HakanHour of the WolfTranslated
Neville, StuartStolen Souls
Nickson, ChrisCome the FearHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Constant LoversHistorical
• Nikolaidis, AndrejThe ComingTranslated
• Niven, JohnCold Hands
Norman, HilaryEclipse
• Nykanen, HarriNights of AweTranslated
• O'Brien, J AMischief Done
O'Brien, MartinThe Dying Minutes
O'Bryan, LaurenceThe Istanbul PuzzleFirst Novel
O'Connor, NiamhToo Close For Comfort
• Ohlsson, KristinaSilencedTranslated
• Oldfield, MarkThe SentinelFirst Novel, Historical
Oldham, NickFighting for the Dead
• Orsi, GuillermoHoly CityTranslated
• Parot, Jean-FrancoisThe Baker's BloodTranslated, Historical
• Parris, S JSacrilegeHistorical
Pastor, BenLiar MoonHistorical
Pavone, ChrisThe ExpatsFirst Novel
• Peacock, CaroKeeping Bad CompanyHistorical
• Pearce, RogerAgent of the StateFirst Novel
• Pearson, MarkWhite City
Perry, AnneA Christmas GarlandHistorical
Perry, AnneA Sunless SeaHistorical
Perry, AnneMidnight at Marble ArchHistorical
• Persson, Leif GWAnother Time, Another LifeTranslated
• Peterson, MarkFlesh and BloodFirst Novel
Phillips, LouiseRed RibbonsFirst Novel
Pilkington, JohnMarbeck And The Double-DealerHistorical
Pinborough, SarahThe Chosen Seed
• Price, JoannaEeny Meeny Miny Moe
• Profijt, JuttaMorgue Drawer for RentTranslated
• Profijt, JuttaMorgue Drawer Next DoorTranslated
Quantrill, NickThe Late Greats
Quinn, SusannaGlass Geishas
• Radmann, ChristopherHeld UpFirst Novel
Raichev, R TThe Murder of Gonzago
Ramsay, CaroThe Blood of Crows
• Ramsay, DanielleVanishing Point
Rankin, IanStanding in Another Man's Grave
Raven, JamesRollover
Raven, JamesUrban Myth
• Raverat, AnnaSigns of LifeFirst Novel
Reed, Mary and Mayer, EricOne for Sorrow (published under M E Mayer in the UK)Historical
Rees, Matt BenyonA Name in BloodHistorical
Regan, LindaStreet Girls
Rendell, RuthThe St Zita Society (apa The Saint Zita Society)
Rhodes, KateCrossbones YardFirst Novel
Rickman, PhilThe Heresy of Dr DeeHistorical
• Ridgway, KeithHawthorn and Child
Ridpath, MichaelMeltwater
Riley, FelixThe Inside Job
Rimington, StellaThe Geneva Trap
• Ripley, SamThe Gift of Death (ebook)
Robertson, CraigCold Grave
Robertson, EileenBlackmail for Beginners
Robertson, ImogenCircle of ShadowsHistorical
Robinson, PeterWatching the Dark
Robotham, MichaelSay You're Sorry
• Rose, JacquiTakenFirst Novel
• Rowden, JeanGone AstrayHistorical
Rowe, RosemaryA Whispering of SpiesHistorical
Rowson, PaulineA Killing Coast
Rowson, PaulineDeath Lies Beneath
Royal, PriscillaWine of ViolenceHistorical
Runcie, JamesSidney Chambers and the Shadow of DeathHistorical
Russell, CraigDead Men and Broken HeartsHistorical
Russell, LeighDeath Bed
• Russell, MichaelThe City of ShadowsFirst Novel, Historical
• Ryan, ChrisHard Target
• Ryan, ChrisOsama
Sampson, FayThe Overlooker
Sansom, C JDominionHistorical
Saylor, StevenThe Seven WondersHistorical
Scarrow, AlexThe Candle ManHistorical
• Scerbanenco, GiorgioA Private VenusTranslated
Scott, MandaThe Eagle Of The Twelfth
• Sedley, KateThe Tintern TreasureHistorical
Seymour, EVResolution to Kill (ebook only)
Seymour, GeraldThe Outsiders
• Shepherd, LloydThe English MonsterHistorical, First Novel
Shepherd, LynnTom-All-Alone's (apa The Solitary House) (apa The Man in Black)Historical
Sherez, StavA Dark Redemption
• Sheridan, SaraBrighton BelleHistorical
• Shevchenko, A KThe Game
Sigurdardottir, YrsaI Remember YouTranslated
Silverwood, RogerThe Cheshire Cat Murders
Silverwood, RogerThe Diamond Rosary Murders
Simms, ChrisScratch Deeper
• Sinclair, John Gordon/J GSeventy Times SevenFirst Novel
Sington, PhilipThe Valley of the UnknowingHistorical
Smith, Alexander McCallPrecious and the Mystery of Meerkat Hill
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Cleverness Of Ladies (Quick Reads)
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Limpopo Academy Of Private Detection
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Uncommon Appeal of Clouds
Smith, AnnaTo Tell the Truth
Smith, DanThe Child ThiefHistorical
• Smith, FrankIn The Shadow of Evil
Spedding, SallyCold Remains
Spedding, SallyMalediction
Spencer, SallyA Walk with the Dead
Spencer, SallyLambs To The Slaughter
Staincliffe, CathScott & Bailey: Dead to Me
Staincliffe, CathSplit Second
• Steel, JackThe Ripper SecretHistorical
• Steel, JackThe Titanic SecretHistorical
• Steinhauer, OlenAn American Spy
Stock, JonDirty Little Secret
• Stoica-Mujea, OanaAnatomical CluesTranslated
Stratmann, LindaThe Daughters of GentlemenHistorical
Sussman, PaulThe Labyrinth of Osiris
• Swanston, Andrew/A DThe King's Spy (apa The King's Codebreaker as Andrew Douglas in 2010)Historical
• Tanner, JanetA Question of Guilt
Taylor, D JSecondhand DaylightHistorical
• Taylor, EdwardThe Shadow of TreasonHistorical
• Tegenfalk, StefanProject Nirvana (ebook)Translated
Templeton, AlineEvil for Evil
The Mulgray Twins, No. 1 Suspect
• Thomson, JuneThe Secret Archives of Sherlock HolmesHistorical
• Thorarinsson, ArniSeason of the WitchTranslated
• Thorpe, AdamFlight
Tickler, PeterBlood on the Marsh
Tolkien, SimonOrders from BerlinHistorical
Tolkien, SimonThe King of Diamonds
• Tombs, KerryThe Droitwich DeceiversHistorical
• Tonkin, PeterDead Sea
• Tonkin, PeterIce Station
• Tonkin, PeterThe Dark Heart
Tope, RebeccaMalice in the Cotwolds
Tope, RebeccaThe Windermere Witness
Toyne, SimonThe Key
Tremayne, PeterThe Seventh Trumpet Historical
Trow, M JMaxwell's Crossing
Trow, M JScorpion's NestHistorical
Trow, M JWitchhammerHistorical
• Tsujihara, NoboruJasmineTranslated
• Turnbull, PeterThe Altered Case
• Turnbull, PeterThe Garden Party
• Tursten, HeleneNight RoundsTranslated
• Unsworth, CathiWeirdo
Upson, NicolaFear in the SunlightHistorical
• Varenne, AntoninBed of NailsFirst Novel, Translated
• Varesi, ValerioThe Dark ValleyTranslated
• Vasquez, Juan GabrielThe Sound of Things FallingTranslated
• Verissimo, Luis FernandoThe SpiesTranslated
Vernon, RolandThe Good Wife's Castle
Vichi, MarcoDeath and the Olive GroveTranslated, Historical
Vichi, MarcoDeath in SardiniaTranslated, Historical
• von Schirach, FerdinandGuiltTranslated
• von Schirach, FerdinandThe Collini CaseTranslated
Voss, Louise & Edwards, MarkCatch Your Death
Voss, Louise & Edwards, MarkKilling Cupid
Walker, MartinThe Devil's Cave
• Wallentin, JanStrindberg's StarFirst Novel, Translated
• Walters, AlexNowhere To Hide
Wareham, EvonneNever Coming HomeFirst Novel
Weaver, TimVanished
Webster, JasonA Death in Valencia
Weeks, LeeDead of Winter
• Welsh, LouiseThe Girl on the Stairs
• Wheelaghan, MarianneFood of Ghosts
White, NeilBeyond Evil
• Whitworth, VMThe Bone ThiefHistorical, First Novel
• Williams, AndrewThe Poison TideHistorical
Williams, KateThe Pleasures of MenHistorical
Williams, TimothyAnother Sun
• Wilson, EdwardThe Midnight Swimmer
Wilson, ElizabethThe Girl in BerlinHistorical
Wilson, LauraA Willing VictimHistorical
• Wiltshire, DavidScent of Madness
Winspear, JacquelineA Lesson in SecretsHistorical
Winspear, JacquelineElegy for EddieHistorical
Winspear, JacquelineThe Mapping of Love and DeathHistorical
Wishart, DavidNo Cause for ConcernHistorical
Wolf, IngerEvil Water (ebook)Translated
Wood, SimonHot Seat
• Wood, TomBad Luck in Berlin (ebook)
• Wood, TomThe Enemy
Zafon, Carlos RuizThe Prisoner of HeavenTranslated
Zeh, JuliThe MethodTranslated
Zouroudi, AnneThe Bull of Mithros

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