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Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).


  • Tabucchi, Antonio

      • Indian Nocturne1988
      • The Edge of the Horizon1990
      • Vanishing Point1991
      • The Missing Head of Damasceno Monteiro2000

  • Takagi, Akimitsu

      • The Tattoo Murder Case (apa The Tattoo Murder)1997
      • The Informer1999
      • Honeymoon to Nowhere2003

  • Talbot, Theresa

      Oonagh O'Neil
      • Penance (apa The Lost Children)20151
      • Keep Her Silent20182
      • The Quiet Ones20193

  • Tallon, Emma

      Anna Davis
      • Life Game (apa Runaway Girl)20171
      • Dangerous Girl20182
      • Boss Girl20193
      • Fierce Girl20194
      • Reckless Girl20195
      • Fearless Girl20206
      • Ruthless Girl20207

      Scarlet Drew
      • Her Revenge20211
      • Her Rival20212
      • Her Betrayal20223
      • Her Payback20224
      • Her Fight20225

  • Tantimedh, Adi

      Ravi, PI, London
      • Her Nightly Embrace20161
      • Her Beautful Monster20182
      • Her Fugitive Heart20193

  • Taylor, Abbie

      • Emma's Baby2009
      • In Safe Hands2011
      • The Dilemma2018

  • Taylor, Andrew (See also: Andrew Saville)

      The Raven on the Water1991
      • The Barred Window1993
      The American Boy (apa An Unpardonable Crime)2003
      A Stain on the Silence2006
      Bleeding Heart Square2008
      The Anatomy of Ghosts2010
      The Scent of Death2013
      • Silent Wounds2014

      Ashes of London series
      • The Ashes of London20161
      • The Fire Court20182
      • The King's Evil20193
      • The Last Protector20204
      • The Royal Secret20215
      • The Shadows of London20236

      DI Richard Thornhill & Jill Francis, journalist, Lydmouth, 1950s
      • An Air that Kills19941
      • The Mortal Sickness19952
      • The Lover of the Grave19973
      The Suffocating Night19984
      • Where Roses Fade20005
      Death's Own Door20016
      Call the Dying20047
      Naked To The Hangman20068

      Roth Trilogy
      • Requiem For an Angel (Omnibus edition)2002
      • The Four Last Things19971
      • The Judgement of Strangers19982
      • The Office of the Dead20003

      The Blaines Trilogy
      • The Second Midnight19871
      • Blacklist19882
      • Toyshop19903

      William Dougal
      • Caroline Minuscule19821
      • Waiting for the End of the World19842
      • Our Fathers' Lies19853
      • An Old School Tie19864
      • Freelance Death19875
      • Blood Relation19906
      • The Sleeping Policeman19927
      • Odd Man Out19938

  • Taylor, C L

      • The Accident2014
      • The Lie2015
      • The Missing2016
      • The Escape2017
      • The Fear2018
      • Sleep2019
      • Strangers2020
      • Her Last Holiday2021
      • The Guilty Couple2022

  • Teague, Loren

      • True Deception2008
      • Ultimate Betrayal2009
      • The Italian Affair2010

  • Tegenfalk, Stefan

      Criminal detective Walter Gröhn, Stockholm police and Jonna de Brugge from the Special Investigations Unit
      Anger Mode20111
      • Project Nirvana (ebook)20122

  • Tey, Josephine

      • Miss Pym Disposes1946
      • Brat Farrar (apa Come and Kill Me)1949

      Scotland Yard Inspector Alan Grant
      • The Man in the Queue (apa Killer in the Crowd)19291
      • A Shilling for Candles19362
      • The Franchise Affair19483
      • To Love and Be Wise19504
      • The Daughter of Time19515
      • The Singing Sands19526

  • Thomas, Edwin (See also: Tom Harper)

      Lt. Martin Jerrold, 1800s
      • The Blighted Cliffs20031
      • The Chains of Albion20042
      • Treason's River20063

  • Thomas, Mike

      • Pocket Notebook2010
      Ugly Bus2015

      DC Will MacReady, Cardiff
      • Ash and Bones20161
      • Splinter20172

  • Thomas, Paul

      • Final Cut1999
      • The Empty Bed2002

      Tito Ihaka, a Maori detective in Auckland, New Zealand
      • Old School Tie (apa Dirty Laundry)19941
      • Inside Dope19952
      • Guerilla Season19963
      • Death on Demand20124
      • Fallout20155

  • Thomas, Russ

      Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler, South Yorkshire
      • Firewatching20201
      • Nighthawking20212
      • Cold Reckoning20223

  • Thomas, Scarlett

      • Bright Young Things2001
      • The End of Mr Y2006

      Lily Pascale
      • Dead Clever19981
      • In Your Face19992
      • Seaside19993

  • Thomas, Sherry

      Lady Sherlock
      • A Study in Scarlet Women20161
      • A Conspiracy in Belgravia20172
      • The Hollow of Fear20183
      • The Art of Theft20194
      • Murder on Cold Street20205
      • Miss Moriarty, I Presume?20216
      • A Tempest at Sea20237

  • Thomas, Will

      Barker and Llewelyn, Victorian London
      • Some Danger Involved20041
      • To Kingdom Come20052
      • The Limehouse Text20063
      • The Hellfire Conspiracy20074
      • The Black Hand20085
      • Fatal Enquiry20146
      • Anatomy of Evil20157
      • Hell Bay20168
      • Old Scores20179
      • Blood Is Blood201810
      • Lethal Pursuit201911
      • Dance with Death202112
      • Fierce Poison202213
      • Heart of the Nile202314

  • Thomson, E S

      Jem Flockhart, Apothecary, 1850s
      • Beloved Poison20161
      • Dark Asylum20172
      • The Blood20183
      • Surgeons' Hall20194
      • Nightshade20215

  • Thomson, June

      • Holmes and Watson: A Study in Friendship1995
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Lady in Black2015

      Inspector Finch (Rudd), Essex
      • Not One of Us19711
      • Death Cap19732
      • The Long Revenge19743
      • Case Closed19774
      • A Question of Identity19775
      • Deadly Relations (apa The Habit of Loving)19796
      • Alibi in Time19807
      • Shadow of a Doubt19818
      • To Make a Killing (apa Portrait of Lilith)19829
      • Sound Evidence198410
      • A Dying Fall198511
      • The Dark Stream198612
      • No Flowers by Request198713
      • Rosemary for Remembrance198814
      • The Spoils of Time198915
      • Past Reckoning199016
      • Foul Play199117
      • Burden of Innocence199618
      • The Unquiet Grave200019
      • Going Home200620

      Sherlock Holmes Short Stories
      • The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes19901
      • The Secret Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes19922
      • The Secret Journals of Sherlock Holmes19933
      • The Secret Documents of Sherlock Holmes19994
      The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes20045
      The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes20126

      Short Stories
      • Flowers for the Dead: Fourteen Stories1992

  • Thomson, Lesley

      • Seven Miles from Sydney1987
      • A Kind of Vanishing2007
      • Death of a Mermaid2020
      • The Companion2022

      Stella Darnell
      • The Detective's Daughter20131
      • Ghost Girl20142
      • The Detective's Secret20153
      The House With No Rooms20164
      • The Dog Walker20175
      • The Death Chamber20186
      • The Playground Murders20197
      • The Distant Dead20218

      Stella Darnell Short Story
      • The Runaway (ebook only)20151

  • Thorogood, Robert

      Death in Paradise (DI Richard Poole)
      A Meditation on Murder20151
      • The Killing of Polly Carter20152
      • Death Knocks Twice20173
      • Murder in the Caribbean20184

      The Marlow Murder Club
      • The Marlow Murder Club20211
      • Death Comes to Marlow20232
      • The Queen of Poisons20243

  • Tija, M J

      Heloise Chancey, Victorian London
      • She Be Damned20171
      • A Necessary Murder20182

  • Timlin, Mark (See also: Lee Martin)

      Answers from the Grave (apa Guns of Brixton in 2010)2004

      Nick Sharman, Private Eye, London
      • Good Year for the Roses19881
      • Romeo's Tune19902
      • Gun Street Girl19903
      • Take the A-train19914
      • The Turnaround19915
      • Zip Gun Boogie19926
      • Hearts of Stone19927
      • Falls the Shadow19938
      • Ashes by Now19939
      • Pretend We're Dead199410
      • Paint It Black199511
      • Find My Way Home199612
      • Sharman and Other Filth199613
      • A Street That Rhymed at 3am199714
      • Dead Flowers199815
      • Quick Before They Catch Us199916
      • All the Empty Places200017
      • Stay Another Day201018
      • Reap the Whirlwind (short stories)201919

  • Tobin, Sophia

      • The Silversmith's Wife2014
      • The Widow's Confession2015

  • Todd, Marilyn

      Claudia Seferius, Roman widow
      • I, Claudia19951
      • Virgin Territory19962
      • Man Eater19973
      • Wolf Whistle19984
      • Jail Bait19995
      • The Black Salamander20006
      • Dream Boat20017
      • Dark Horse20028
      • Second Act20039
      • Widow's Pique200410
      • Stone Cold200511
      • Sour Grapes200512
      • Scorpion Rising200613

      High Priestess Iliona, Ancient Greece
      • Blind Eye20071
      • Blood Moon20092
      • Still Waters20103

      Julia McAllister, Victorian Era
      • Snap Shot20191
      • Cast Iron20192
      • Bad Blood20213
      • Dead Drop (ebook only)20214

      Short Stories
      • Dead & Breakfast and Other Stories2017

  • Todd, Marion

      DI Clare Mackay
      • See Them Run20201
      • In Plain Sight20202
      • Lies to Tell20203
      • What They Knew20214
      • Next in Line20215
      • Old Bones Lie20226

  • Togawa, Masako

      • The Master Key1985
      • The Lady Killer1986
      • A Kiss of Fire1988
      • Slow Fuse1995

  • Tombs, Kerry

      DI Samuel Ravenscroft, Whitechapel Constabulary, 1888
      • The Malvern Murders: A Victorian Crime Story20061
      • The Worcester Whisperers20082
      • The Ledbury Lamplighters20093
      • The Tewkesbury Tomb20114
      • The Droitwich Deceivers20125
      • The Pershore Poisoners20146
      • The Upton Undertakers20157
      • The Herefordshire Hangman (ebook)20168

  • Tope, Rebecca

      DS Den Cooper
      • A Dirty Death20001
      • Death of a Friend20012
      A Death to Record20013

      Persimmon Brown, Florist, Lake District
      The Windermere Witness20121
      • The Ambleside Alibi20132
      • The Coniston Case20143
      • The Troutbeck Testimony20154
      • The Hawkshead Hostage20165
      • The Bowness Bequest20176
      • The Staveley Suspect20187
      • The Grasmere Grudge20198
      • The Patterdale Plot20209
      • The Ullswater Undertaking202110
      • The Threlkeld Theory202211
      • The Askham Accusation202312

      Short Stories
      • A Cotswold Casebook2016

      Slocombe family
      • Dark Undertakings19991
      • Grave Concerns20002
      • The Sting of Death20023
      A Market for Murder20034

      Thea Osborne, House Sitter, Cotswolds
      • A Cotswold Killing20041
      A Cotswold Ordeal20052
      Death in the Cotswolds20063
      A Cotswold Mystery20074
      • Blood in the Cotswolds20085
      Slaughter in the Cotswolds20096
      • Fear in the Cotswolds20107
      A Grave in the Cotswolds20108
      • Deception in the Cotswolds20119
      • Malice in the Cotwolds201210
      • Shadows in the Cotswolds201311
      • Trouble in the Cotswolds201412
      • Revenge in the Cotswolds201513
      • Guilt in the Cotswolds201614
      • Peril in the Cotswolds201715
      • Crisis in the Cotswolds201816
      • Secrets in the Cotswolds201917
      • A Cotswold Christmas Mystery202018
      • Echoes in the Cotswolds202119
      • Betrayal in the Cotswolds202220

  • Torgov, Morley

      Inspector Hermann Preiss, Dusseldorf, 1850s
      • Murder in A-Major20081
      • The Mastersinger from Minsk20122

  • Torjussen, Mary

      • Gone Without A Trace2017
      • The Girl I Used To Be2018
      • The Closer You Ge2020

  • Torrie, Malcolm (See also: Gladys Mitchell)

      Timothy Herring, Secretary for a society that preserves historical buildings
      • Heavy as Lead19661
      • Late and Cold19672
      • Your Secret Friend19683
      • Churchyard Salad19694
      • Shades of Darkness19705
      • Bismarck Herrings19716

  • Towning, Andrew

      Jake Dillon, former Army Intelligence officer
      • The Constantine Legacy20061
      • Dead Men Don't Bite20082

  • Tremayne, S K (See also: Tom Knox)

      • The Ice Twins2015
      • The Fire Child2016
      • Just Before I Died2018
      • The Assistant2019
      • The Drowning Hour2022

  • Trevor, Joanna

      DCI Simon
      • A Gathering of Dust19941
      • The Same Corruption There19962
      • Time to Die19983
      • A Fine and Private Place20024
      • A Deadly Deceit20045
      • Murder in the Cathedral Clinic20056

  • Trinchieri, Camilla

      Nico Doyle, Chianti, Italy
      • Murder in Chianti20201
      • The Bitter Taste of Murder20212
      • Murder on the Vine20223

  • Trow, M J

      A Grand & Batchelor Victorian Mystery
      • The Blue and the Grey20141
      • The Circle20162
      • The Angel20163
      • The Island20174
      • The Ring20175
      • The Black Hills20196
      • Last Nocturne20207

      Christopher Marlowe
      • Dark Entry20111
      • Silent Court20112
      • Witchhammer20123
      • Scorpion's Nest20124
      • Crimson Rose20135
      • Traitor's Storm20146
      • Secret World20157
      • Eleventh Hour20178
      • Queen's Progress20189
      • Black Death201910
      • The Reckoning202011

      Christopher Marlowe Short Story
      • All Hallows' Eve (ebook only)20151

      Geoffrey Chaucer
      • The Knight's Tale20211
      • The Yeoman's Tale20222
      • The Clerk's Tale20223

      Inspector Lestrade, from the Sherlock Holmes stories
      • The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade (apa The Supreme Adventure of Inspector Lestrade)19851
      • Brigade: Further Adventures of Inspector Lestrade19862
      • Lestrade and the Hallowed House19873
      • Lestrade and the Leviathan19874
      • Lestrade and the Brother of Death19885
      • Lestrade and the Ripper19886
      • Lestrade and the Guardian Angel19907
      • Lestrade and the Deadly Game19908
      • Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince19919
      • Lestrade and the Magpie199110
      • Lestrade and the Dead Man's Hand199211
      • Lestrade and the Sign of Nine199212
      • Lestrade and the Sawdust Ring199313
      • Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder199314
      • Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus199515
      • Lestrade and the Devil's Own199616
      • Lestrade and the Giant Rat of Sumatra201417

      Margaret Murray, Archaeologist, London 1900
      • Four Thousand Days20211
      • Breaking the Circle20232

      Peter Maxwell, Teacher
      • Maxwell's House19941
      • Maxwell's Flame19952
      • Maxwell's Movie19983
      • Maxwell's War19994
      • Maxwell's Ride20005
      • Maxwell's Curse20006
      • Maxwell's Reunion20017
      • Maxwell's Match20038
      • Maxwell's Inspection20039
      Maxwell's Grave200410
      • Maxwell's Mask200511
      • Maxwell's Point200712
      • Maxwell's Chain200813
      • Maxwell's Revenge200914
      • Maxwell's Retirement201015
      Maxwell's Island201116
      • Maxwell's Crossing201217
      • Maxwell's Return201418
      • Maxwell's Academy201519

  • Truss, Lynne

      Constable Twitten, Brighton, 1950s
      • A Shot in the Dark20181
      • The Man That Got Away20192
      • Murder by Milk Bottle20203
      • Psycho by the Sea20214

  • Tudor, C J

      • The Chalk Man2018
      • The Taking of Annie Thorne (apa The Hiding Place)2019
      • The Other People2020
      • The Burning Girls2021
      • The Drift2023

  • Tursten, Helene

      Inspector Huss, Gothenburg
      Detective Inspector Huss20031
      Night Rounds20122
      The Torso20063
      The Glass Devil20074
      The Golden Calf20135
      • The Fire Dance20146
      • The Beige Man20157
      • The Treacherous Net20158
      • Who Watcheth20169
      • Protected by the Shadows201710

      Detective Inspector Embla Nystrom
      • Hunting Game20191
      • Winter Grave20192
      • Snowdrift20203

      Short Stories
      • An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed20212

      Short Stories (Maud)
      • An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good20181

  • Turton, Stuart

      • The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle2018
      • The Devil and the Dark Water2020

  • Tuti, Ilaria

      Teresa Battaglia
      • Flowers Over the Inferno (apa The Man in the Woods)20191
      • Painted in Blood20202

  • Tyce, Harriet

      • Blood Orange2019
      • The Lies You Told2020
      • It Ends At Midnight2022

  • Tyler, L C

      Ethelred Tressider, author & Elsie Thirkettle, agent
      The Herring Seller's Apprentice20071
      Ten Little Herrings20092
      The Herring in the Library20103
      Herring on the Nile20114
      • Crooked Herring20145
      • Cat Among the Herrings20166
      • Herring in the Smoke20177
      • The Maltese Herring20198
      • Farewell My Herring20219

      John Grey, lawyer, 1657
      • A Cruel Necessity20141
      • A Masterpiece of Corruption20152
      • The Plague Road20163
      • Fire20174
      • The Bleak Midwinter20185
      • Death of a Shipbuilder20206
      • Too Much of Water20217
      • The Summer Birdcage20228

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