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Authors and Bibliographies (England)

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

  • Ackroyd, Peter

      • Hawksmoor1985
      • Chatterton1987
      • Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem (apa The Trial of Elizabeth Cree)1994
      • The Clerkenwell Tales2003
      • The Lambs of London2004

  • Adams, Douglas

      Dirk Gently
      • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency19871
      • The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul19882
      • The Salmon of Doubt (unfinished)19953

  • Adams, Jane

      • Bird1997
      • Dangerous to Know2004
      A Kiss Goodbye2005

      DI Mike Croft
      • The Greenway19951
      • Cast the First Stone19962
      • Fade to Grey19983
      • Final Frame19994

      Detective Chief Inspector Henry Johnstone, 1928
      • The Murder Book20161
      • Death Scene20172

      Naomi Blake, blind ex-police officer
      • Mourning the Little Dead20021
      • Touching the Dark20032
      • Heatwave20043
      • Killing A Stranger20064
      • Legacy of Lies20075
      Blood Ties20106
      • Night Vision20117
      • Secrets20138
      • Gregory's Game20149
      • Paying the Ferryman201410
      • A Murderous Mind201511
      • Fakes and Lies201812

      Ray Flowers, ex-police officer, Leicestershire
      • The Angel Gateway20001
      • Like Angels Falling20012
      • Angel Eyes20023

      Rina Martin, Actress
      • A Reason to Die20071
      • Fragile Lives20082
      • The Power of One20093
      • Resolutions20104
      • The Dead of Winter20115
      • Cause of Death20126
      • Forgotten Voices20157

  • Adams, Will

      • Newton's Fire2012
      • City of the Lost2014

      Daniel Knox
      • The Alexander Cipher20071
      • The Exodus Quest (apa The Moses Quest)20082
      • The Lost Labyrinth20093
      • The Eden Legacy20104

  • Aird, Catherine

      A Most Contagious Game1967

      DI C D Sloan, Calleshire
      • The Religious Body19661
      • Henrietta Who?19682
      • The Complete Steel19693
      • Late Phoenix19704
      • His Burial Too19735
      • Slight Mourning19756
      • Parting Breath19777
      • Some Die Eloquent19798
      • Passing Strange19809
      • Last Respects198210
      • Harm's Way198411
      • A Dead Liberty198612
      • The Body Politic199013
      • A Going Concern199314
      • After Effects199615
      • Stiff News199816
      • Little Knell200117
      • Amendment of Life200318
      A Hole in One200519
      • Losing Ground200720
      • Past Tense201021
      • Dead Heading201322
      • Learning Curve201623

      Short Stories
      • Injury Time1994
      Chapter and Hearse2003
      • Last Writes2014

  • Alan, Ray

      • Retribution2011

      Detective Inspector Bill Forward
      • Death and Deception20071
      A Game of Murder20082
      • A Fear of Vengeance20103

  • Alding, Peter (See also: Jeffrey Ashford, Roderic Graeme, Roderic Jeffries, Graham Hastings)

      Constable Kerr & Inspector Fusil
      • The C.I.D. Room (aka All Leads Negative)19671
      • Circle of Danger19682
      • Murder Among Thieves19693
      • Guilt Without Proof19704
      • Despite the Evidence19715
      • Call Back to Crime19726
      • Field of Fire19737
      • The Murder Line19748
      • Six Days to Death19759
      • Murder is Suspected197710
      • Ransom Town197911
      • A Man Condemned198112
      • Betrayed by Death198213
      • One Man's Justice198314

  • Allen, Hania

      DCI Yvonne ‘Von’ Valenti, and her partner, DI Steve English, London
      • Jack in the Box20141
      Double Tap20152

  • Allen, Michael (See also: Michael Bradford, Patrick Read)

      • No Holds Barred1989

      Detective Superintendent Ben Spence
      • Spence in Petal Park (apa Spence and the Holiday Murders)19771
      • Spence at the Blue Bazaar19792
      • Spence at Marlby Manor19823

  • Allingham, Margery

      • Blackkerchief Dick1923
      • Water in a Sieve1925
      • The White Cottage Mystery1928
      • Other Man's Danger (apa The Man of Dangerous Secrets) (as Maxwell March)1933
      • The Mystery Man of Soho1933
      • Rogues' Holiday (as Maxwell March)1935
      • The Shadow in the House (as Maxwell March)1936
      • Black Plumes1940
      • Deadly Duo (apa Take Two at Bedtime)1949

      Albert Campion
      The Crime at Black Dudley (apa The Black Dudley Murder)19291
      • Mystery Mile19302
      • Look to the Lady (apa The Gyrth Chalice Mystery)19313
      • Police at the Funeral19314
      • Sweet Danger (apa Kingdom of Death/The Fear Sign)19335
      • Death of a Ghost19346
      • Flowers for the Judge (apa Legacy in Blood)19367
      • Dancers in Mourning (apa Who Killed Chloe?)19378
      • The Case of the Late Pig19379
      • The Fashion in Shrouds193810
      • Traitor's Purse (apa The Sabotage Murder Mystery)194111
      • Coroner's Pidgin (apa Pearls Before Swine)194512
      • More Work for the Undertaker194813
      • The Tiger in the Smoke195214
      • No Love Lost195415
      • The Beckoning Lady (apa The Estate of the Beckoning Lady)195516
      • Hide My Eyes (apa Tether's End/Ten Were Missing)195817
      • The China Governess196218
      • The Mind Readers196519
      • Cargo of Eagles (completed by Philip Youngman Carter)196820

      Short Stories
      • Mr Campion: Criminologist1937
      • Mr Campion and Others1939
      • Wanted: Someone Innocent1946
      • The Case Book of Mr Campion1947
      • Mr Campion and Others (revised)1950
      • The Darings of the Red Rose1995

  • Ambrose, David

      • The Man who Turned into Himself1993
      • Mother Of God1995
      • Hollywood Lies1996
      • Superstition1997
      • The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk2000
      • Coincidence2001
      • A Memory of Demons2003

  • Andrews, Phil

      PI Steve Strong
      • Own Goals19991
      • Goodnight Vienna20012

  • Anthony, Michael David

      • A Cold Unhurried Hand (completed by Ross Tomkins)2006

      Colonel Richard Harrison, working for the Diocese of Canterbury
      • The Becket Factor19901
      • Dark Provenance19942
      • Midnight Gone19983

  • Anwar, Amer

      Zaq & Jags
      • Western Fringes (apa Brothers in Blood)20171

  • Apostolou, Anna (See also: Ann Duthkas, Michael Clynes, P C Doherty, C L Grace, Paul Harding)

      Alexander the Great
      • A Murder in Macedon19971
      • A Murder in Thebes19982

  • Ardin, William

      Charles Ramsey, Antiques dealer
      • Plain Dealer19931
      • Some Dark Antiquities19942
      • Light at Midnight19953
      • The Mary Medallion19964

  • Armstrong, David

      Det. John Munroe
      • Night's Black Agents19931
      • Less Than Kind19942

      Inspector Frank Kavanagh
      • Until Dawn Tomorrow19951
      • Thought for the Day19972
      • Small Vices20013
      • A Kind of Acquaintance20074
      • Written Out20095
      • A Pact of Silence20106

  • Armstrong, Vivien

      • The Honey Trap1992
      • The Wrong Road1997
      • Dead in the Water1998
      • Fly in Amber2000
      • Fool's Gold2000
      • Rewind2001
      • Smile Now, Die Later2002
      • Murder Between Friends2004

      DCI Hayes
      • No Birds Singing20031
      • Bird of Prey20032
      • The Payoff20053
      • Blue Murder20064
      • Roll Over, Play Dead20075
      • Gone to Earth20086

      WPC Judith Pullen
      • Sleight of Hand19911
      • Close Call19942
      • Beyond the Pale20023

  • Ash, Maureen

      Templar Bascot de Marins
      • The Alehouse Murders20071
      • Death of a Squire20082
      • A Plague of Poison20093
      • Murder for Christ's Mass20094
      • Shroud of Dishonour20105
      • A Deadly Penance20116

  • Ashford, Lindsay

      • The Mysterious Death of Jane Austen2011

      Megan Rhys, Investigative psychologist
      • Frozen20031
      • Strange Blood20052
      • Death Studies20063
      • The Rubber Woman (Quick Reads)20074
      • The Killer Inside20085

  • Astbury, Margaret

      Kate Mallory, Journalist and Richard Torrey
      • The Hitch-hiker20011
      • The Seal20022
      • Devil's Own Daughter20053

  • Atkins, Meg Elizabeth

      • By the North Door1975
      • Samain1976
      • Tangle1988

      DCI Sheldon Hunter
      • Cruel as the Grave19981
      • Death out of Season20012
      Private View20033
      • A Suburban Death20054

  • Aylett, Steve

      All set in Beerlight
      • The Crime Studio19941
      • Slaughtermatic19982
      • Atom20003

  • Bailey, Michele

      Matilda Haycastle
      • Dreadful Lies19941
      • The Cuckoo Case19952
      • Haycastle's Cricket19963

  • Bailey, R J

      Sam Wylde, Close Protection Officer
      • Safe From Harm20161
      • Nobody Gets Hurt20182

  • Baker, Sam

      • The Woman Who Ran2016

      Annie Anderson, Feature writer
      Fashion Victim20051
      • This Year's Model (apa Deadly Beautiful)20082

  • Bannister, Jo

      • The Matrix1981
      • Winter Plain1982
      • Cactus Garden1983
      • Mosaic1986
      • The Lazarus Hotel1996
      • Unlawful Entry (aka The Mason Codex pub. in 1988)1998
      • The Fifth Cataract2005
      • Tinderbox2006
      • Fathers and Sins2008
      • Death in High Places2011

      Brodie Farrell
      Echoes of Lies20011
      True Witness20022
      The Depths of Solitude20044
      Breaking Faith20055
      Requiem for a Dealer20066
      • Flawed20077
      • Closer Still20088
      • Liars All20099

      A Bleeding of Innocents19931
      • Sins of the Heart19942
      • A Taste for Burning19953
      • No Birds Sing19964
      • Broken Lines19985
      • The Hireling's Tale19996

      Clio Rees
      • Striving with Gods (aka An Uncertain Death)19841
      • Gilgamesh19892
      • The Going Down of the Sun19903

      Detective Constable Hazel Best & Gabriel Ash
      • Other Countries20171
      • Kindred Spirits20182

      Gabriel Ash
      Deadly Virtues (UK: Ebook only)20131
      • Perfect Sins20142
      • Desperate Measures20153

      Mickey Flynn
      • Shards (aka Critical Angle)19901
      • Death and Other Lovers19912

      Rosie Holland
      • The Primrose Convention19981
      • The Primrose Switchback19992

  • Barclay, Tessa

      Crown Prince Gregory of Hirtenstein, concert agent
      • Farewell Performance20011
      • A Better Class of Person20022
      • A Handful of Dust20043
      • A Final Discord20054
      • To Die For20075
      • Diamonds in Disguise20096

  • Barnard, Frank

      RAF Pilots Kit Curtis and American Ossie Wolf, WW2
      • Blue Man Falling20061
      • Band of Eagles20072

  • Barnard, Robert (See also: Bernard Bastable)

      • Death of an Old Goat1974
      • A Little Local Murder1976
      • Blood Brotherhood1977
      • Death on the High C's1977
      • Unruly Son (apa Death of a Mystery Writer)1978
      • Posthumous Papers (apa Death of a Literary Widow)1979
      • Death in a Cold Climate1980
      • Mother's Boys (apa Death of a Perfect Mother)1981
      • Little Victims (apa School for Murder)1983
      • Corpse in a Gilded Cage1984
      • Fete Fatale (apa The Disposal of the Living)1985
      • Out of the Blackout1985
      • Political Suicide1986
      • The Skeleton in the Grass1987
      • At Death's Door1988
      • City of Strangers1990
      • A Scandal in Belgravia1991
      • The Masters of the House1994
      • Touched by the Dead (apa A Murder in Mayfair)1999
      • Unholy Dying2000
      The Mistress of Alderley2002
      • A Cry from the Dark2003
      • The Graveyard Position2004
      Dying Flames2005
      Last Post2008
      The Killings at Jubilee Terrace2009
      • A Stranger in the Family2010
      • Rogue's Gallery2011

      Charlie Peace of Scotland Yard
      • Death and the Chaste Apprentice19891
      • A Fatal Attachment19922
      • A Hovering of Vultures19933
      • The Bad Samaritan19954
      • No Place of Safety19975
      • The Corpse at the Haworth Tandoori19986
      The Bones in the Attic20017
      A Fall From Grace20078

      Insp. Perry Trethowan of Scotland Yard
      • Sheer Torture (apa Death by Sheer Torture)19811
      • Death and the Princess19822
      • Missing Bronte (apa The Case of the Missing Bronte)19833
      • Bodies19864
      • Death in Purple Prose (apa The Cherry Blossom Corpse)19875

      Short Stories
      • Death of a Salesperson1989
      • The Habit of Widowhood1996

  • Barrington, James

      Paul Richter, British Agent
      • Overkill20041
      • Pandemic20052
      • Foxbat20073
      • Timebomb20084
      • Payback20105
      • Manhunt20116

  • Bastable, Bernard (See also: Robert Barnard)

      • To Die Like a Gentleman1993
      • A Mansion and Its Murder1998

      • Dead, Mr Mozart19951
      • Too Many Notes, Mr. Mozart19962

  • Battison, Brian

      • Flying Pigs1998

      DCI Jim Ashworth
      • The Christmas Bow Murder19941
      • Fool's Ransom19942
      • Crisis of Conscience19953
      • The Witch's Familiar19964
      • Truths Not Told19965
      • Poetic Justice19976
      • Jeopardy's Child19977
      • Mirror Image19988

  • Battison, Patti

      DCI Paul Wells
      • Desperate Measures20091
      • Love to Death20102
      • The Dead Do Speak20123

  • Beaufort, Simon (See also: Susanna Gregory)

      • The Murder House2013
      • The Killing Ship2016

      Alec Londale, Victorian Era
      • Mind of a Killer20171

      Sir Geoffrey Mappestone, 12th Century knight
      • Murder in the Holy City19981
      • A Head for Poisoning19992
      • The Bishop's Brood20033
      • The King's Spies20034
      • The Coiners' Quarrel20045
      • Deadly Inheritance20096
      • The Bloodstained Throne20107
      • A Dead Man's Secret20108

  • Bedford, Martyn

      • Acts of Revision1996
      • Exit Orange and Red1997
      • The Houdini Girl1999
      • Black Cat2000
      • The Island of Lost Souls2006

  • Beechey, Alan

      Oliver Swithin
      • An Embarrassment of Corpses19971
      • Murdering Ministers19992
      • This Private Plot20143

  • Belbin, David

      Bone & Cane
      • Bone and Cane20111
      • What You Don't Know20122
      • The Great Deception20153

  • Bell, Pauline

      DI Benny Mitchell, Cloughton CID, West Yorkshire
      • The Dead Do Not Praise19901
      • Feast into Mourning (apa Murder at St. Oswald's)19912
      • No Pleasure in Death19923
      • The Way of a Serpent19934
      • Downhill To Death19945
      • Sleeping Partners19956
      • A Multitude of Sins19977
      • Blood Ties19988
      • Stalker20009
      • Reasonable Death200110
      • Swansong200211
      • Nothing But the Truth200512
      • Funeral Expenses200613
      • Under Fire200714
      • Glockenspiel200915

  • Benedict, A K

      • The Beauty of Murder2013
      • Jonathan Dark or The Evidence Of Ghosts2016

  • Bentley, E C

      Philip Trent
      • Trent's Last Case19131
      • Trent's Own Case19362

      Short Stories
      • Trent Intervenes1938

  • Berry, Eleanor

      • O Hitman, My Hitman1997
      • The House of the Weird Doctors (apa House of the Mad Doctors in 1994)2005

  • Bingham, Harry

      • The Money Makers2000
      • Sweet Talking Money2001
      • The Sons of Adam2004

      DC Fiona Griffiths
      Talking to the Dead20121
      • Love Story, With Murders20132
      • The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths20143
      • This Thing of Darkness20154
      • The Dead House20165
      • The Deepest Grave20176

  • Birkby, Michelle

      Mrs Hudson and Mary Watson
      • The House at Baker Street20161
      • The Women of Baker Street20172

  • Birmingham, Maisie

      Kate Weatherley, deputy director of a Citizens' Advice Bureau, London
      • You Can Help Me (apa Murder in the East End in 1994)19741
      • The Heat of the Sun19762
      • Sleep in a Ditch19783

  • Black, Saul (See also: Glen Duncan)

      Valerie Hart, Homicide Detective
      • The Killing Lessons20151
      • Lovemurder20162

  • Blackhurst, Jenny

      • How I Lost You2015
      • Before I Let You In2016
      • The Foster Child2017

  • Blake, Marc

      • Sunstroke1998
      • Bigtime1999
      • 24 Karat Schmooze2000

  • Blake, Robin

      Titus Cragg, Coroner & Luke Fidelis, Doctor, 1740 Lancashire
      • A Dark Anatomy20111
      • Dark Waters20122
      • The Scrivener (apa The Hidden Man)20153

  • Blake, Sam

      Detective Garda Cathy Connolly, Dublin
      • Little Bones20161
      • In Deep Water20172
      • No Turning Back20183

  • Blincoe, Nicholas

      • Acid Casuals1997
      • Jello Salad1997
      • Manchester Slingback1998
      • My Mother Was a Bank Robber and Other Stories1998
      • The Dope Priest1999
      • White Mice2002

  • Bolitho, Janie (See also: Jodie Sinclair)

      • Wound for Wound1995
      • Sweets for My Sweet1996
      • The Slaughterhouse2002
      • Full Circle2003
      • Paying the Price2003

      DCI Ian Roper, Rickenham Green, Suffolk
      • Kindness Can Kill19931
      Ripe for Revenge19942
      • Motive for Murder19943
      • Dangerous Deceit19954
      • Finger of Fate19965
      • Sequence of Shame19966
      • Absence of Angels19977
      • Exposure of Evil19988
      • Victims of Violence19999
      • Baptised in Blood200010
      • Lessons in Logic200211

      Rose Trevelyan, Photographer, Cornwall
      • Snapped in Cornwall19971
      • Framed in Cornwall19982
      Buried in Cornwall19993
      • Betrayed in Cornwall20004
      • Plotted in Cornwall20015
      • Killed in Cornwall20026
      • Caught Out In Cornwall20037

  • Bond, Michael

      M. Pamplemousse and his dog Pommes Frites, France
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse19831
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Secret Mission19852
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse on the Spot19863
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Takes the Cure19874
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Aloft19895
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Investigates19906
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Rests His Case19927
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse on Location19928
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Stands Firm19939
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse Takes the Train199310
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse on Probation200011
      Monsieur Pamplemousse Afloat200012
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse on Vacation200213
      Monsieur Pamplemousse Hits the Headlines200414
      Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Militant Midwives200615
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse and the French Solution200816
      • Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Carbon Footprint201017

  • Bonett, Emery

      • Never Go Dark1940
      • Make Do With Spring1942
      • High Pavement (apa Old Mrs Camelot)1944

  • Bonfiglioli, Kyril

      Charlie Mortdecai, Crooked Art Dealer
      • Don't Point That Thing at Me19721
      • After You With The Pistol19792
      • Something Nasty in the Woodshed19763
      • The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery (completed by Craig Brown)19964

  • Bonner, Hilary

      • The Cruelty of Morning1995
      • A Fancy to Kill for1997
      • A Deep Deceit2000
      • A Kind of Wild Justice2001
      The Cruellest Game2013
      • Friends to Die For2014
      • Death Comes First2015

      DCI Rose Piper
      • A Passion So Deadly19981
      • For Death Comes Softly19992

      DI David Vogel, Bristol
      Deadly Dance20171

      John Kelly & DCI Karen Meadows
      A Moment of Madness20021
      When the Dead Cry Out20032
      • No Reason to Die20043

  • Booker, Simon

      Morgan Vine, Journalist
      • Without Trace20161
      • Kill Me Twice20172

  • Bowen, Rhys

      • In Farleigh Field2017
      • The Tuscan Child2018

      Evan Evans, Policeman, North Wales
      Evans Above19971
      • Evan Help Us19982
      Evanly Choirs19993
      Evan & Elle20004
      • Evan Can Wait20015
      Evans to Betsy20026
      Evan Only Knows20037
      Evan's Gate20048
      Evan Blessed20059
      Evanly Bodies200610

      Lady Georgiana Rannoch ('Georgie'), 1930s Britain
      Her Royal Spyness20071
      • A Royal Pain20082
      • Royal Flush20093
      • Royal Blood20104
      • Naughty in Nice20115
      • The Twelve Clues of Christmas20126
      • Masked Ball at Broxley Manor (e-novella)20127
      Heirs and Graces20138
      • Queen of Hearts20149
      • Malice at the Palace201510
      • Crowned and Dangerous201611
      • On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service201712

      Molly Murphy Prequel
      • The Amersham Rubies (e-novella)20111

      Molly Murphy, PI, 1900s New York
      Murphy's Law20011
      Death of Riley20022
      For the Love of Mike20033
      In Like Flynn20054
      Oh Danny Boy20065
      In Dublin's Fair City20076
      Tell Me, Pretty Maiden20087
      • In a Gilded Cage20098
      • The Last Illusion20109
      • Bless the Bride201110
      • Hush Now, Don't You Cry201211
      • The Family Way201312
      • City of Darkness and Light201413
      • The Edge of Dreams201514
      • Away in a Manger201515
      • Time of Fog and Fire201616
      • The Ghost of Christmas Past201717

  • Bowen, T R

      Bewick and Jones, Cambridgeshire
      • The Death of Amy Parris19991
      • Black Camel20022

  • Brandon, Ruth

      • Left, Right and Centre1986

      Andrew Taggart, Journalist
      • Mind Out19911
      • The Gorgon's Smile19922

      Dr Reggie Lee, Art Curator
      • Caravaggio's Angel20081

  • Brandreth, Benet

      William Shakespeare
      • The Spy of Venice20161
      • The Assassin of Verona20172

  • Branton, Matthew

      • The Love Parade1997
      • The House of Whacks1999
      • The Hired Gun2001

  • Brenchley, Chaz

      • The Samaritan1988
      • The Refuge1989
      • The Garden1990
      • Mall Time1992
      • Paradise1994
      • Dispossession1996
      • Shelter1999
      • Confidence: A Barbershop Quartet

      Benedict Macallan
      • Dead of Light19951
      • Light Errant19972

      Short Stories
      • Blood Waters1996

  • Bretherick, Diana

      James Murray, late C19
      • City of Devils20131
      • The Devil's Daughters20152

  • Brett, Harry (See also: Henry Sutton)

      Goodwins, Great Yarmouth
      • Time to Win20171
      • Red Hot Front20182

  • Brett, Simon

      • A Shock to the System1985
      • Dead Romantic1985
      • The Christmas Crimes at Puzzle Manor1991
      • Christmas Crimes at Rhyddal Hall1992
      • Singled Out1995
      • Crime Writers and Other Animals1998
      • Crime in Rhyme and Other Mysterious Fragments2000

      Brother and sister sleuths, Blotto and Twinks
      Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-King's Daughter20091
      Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess20102
      • Blotto, Twinks and the Rodents of Riviera20113
      • Blotto, Twinks and the Bootlegger's Moll20124
      Blotto, Twinks and the Riddle of the Sphinx20135
      • Blotto and Twinks and the Heir to the Tsar20156
      • Blotto, Twinks and the Stars of the Silver Screen20178

      Carole and Jude, Fethering, Southern coast of England
      • The Body on the Beach20001
      Death on the Downs20012
      The Torso in the Town20023
      Murder in the Museum20034
      The Hanging in the Hotel20045
      The Witness at the Wedding20056
      The Stabbing in the Stables20067
      • Death Under the Dryer20078
      Blood at the Bookies20089
      The Poisoning in the Pub200910
      • The Shooting in the Shop201011
      • Bones Under the Beach Hut201112
      Guns in the Gallery201113
      • Corpse on the Court201214
      The Strangling on the Stage201315
      • The Tomb in Turkey201416
      • The Killing in the Cafe201517
      • The Liar in the Library201718

      Charles Paris, Actor
      • Cast, in Order of Disappearance19751
      • So Much Blood19762
      • Star Trap19773
      • An Amateur Corpse19784
      • A Comedian Dies19795
      • The Dead Side of the Mike19806
      • Situation Tragedy19817
      • Murder Unprompted19828
      • Murder in the Title19839
      • Not Dead, Only Resting198410
      • Dead Giveaway198511
      • What Bloody Man Is That198712
      • A Series of Murders198913
      • Corporate Bodies199114
      • A Reconstructed Corpse199315
      • Sicken and So Die199516
      • Dead Room Farce199717
      A Decent Interval201318
      The Cinderella Killer201419
      • A Deadly Habit201820

      Mrs Pargeter, Gangster's widow
      • A Nice Class of Corpse19861
      • Mrs, Presumed Dead19882
      • Mrs Pargeter's Package19903
      • Mrs Pargeter's Pound of Flesh19924
      • Mrs Pargeter's Plot19965
      • Mrs Pargeter's Point of Honour19986
      Mrs Pargeter's Principle20157
      • Mrs Pargeter's Public Relations20168

      Short Stories
      • A Box of Tricks1985
      • Tickled to Death1985

      The Three Detectives (childrens)
      • The Three Detectives and the Missing Superstar19861
      • The Three Detectives and the Knight in Armor19872

  • Bridge, Robert J

      Jim Bent, ex-Cop turned PI
      • Hell Bent On Murder20011
      • Hell Bent on Revenge20062
      • Hell Bent on Corruption20063
      • Hell Bent on Blackmail20074

  • Brindley, Louise

      Geraldine Frayling, Crime Writer, London
      • Death on the Heath20032
      • The Honeymoon Murders20053

  • Britton, Andrew

      Ryan Kealey
      • Heart of Betrayal (apa The American)20061
      • The Assassin20072
      • The Invisible20083
      • The Exile20104
      • The Operative20135
      • The Courier20146

  • Brody, Frances

      Kate Shackleton, Bradford, 1920s
      Dying in the Wool20091
      • A Medal for Murder20102
      Murder in the Afternoon20113
      • A Woman Unknown20124
      • Murder on a Summer's Day20135
      • Death of an Avid Reader20146
      • A Death in the Dales20157
      • Death at the Seaside20168
      • Death in the Stars20179

  • Brookes, Adam

      Philip Mangan, Journalist
      • Night Heron20141
      • Spy Games20152
      • The Spy's Daughter20173

  • Brown, Eric

      Donald Langham, Crime Writer, London, 1955
      • Murder by the Book20131
      • Murder at the Chase20142
      • Murder at the Loch20163
      • Murder Take Three20174
      • Murder Takes a Turn20185

  • Brown, Lizbie

      Elizabeth Blair, Quilt shop owner, Bath
      • Broken Star19931
      • Turkey Tracks19952
      • Shoo-fly19983
      • Double Wedding Ring19994
      • Jacob's Ladder20005
      • Cat's Cradle20016

  • Brown, Molly

      • Invitation to a Funeral1995
      • Cracker: To Say I Love You1996

  • Bryers, Paul

      • The Prayer of the Bone1998
      • The Used Women's Book Club2003

  • Buckley, Fiona

      Ursula Blanchard, an Elizabethan lady
      The Robsart Mystery (apa To Shield the Queen)19971
      • The Doublet Affair19982
      • Queen's Ransom19993
      • To Ruin a Queen20004
      • Queen of Ambition20025
      A Pawn for A Queen20026
      • The Fugitive Queen20037
      Siren Queen20048
      • Queen Without A Crown20119
      • Queen's Bounty201210
      • A Rescue for a Queen201311
      • A Traitor's Tears201312
      • A Perilous Alliance201513
      • The Heretic's Creed201614
      • A Deadly Betrothal201715
      • The Reluctant Assassin201816

  • Burden, Pat

      Ex-Detective Chief Superintendent Henry Bassett, Herefordshire
      • Screaming Bones19891
      • Wreath of Honesty19902
      • Bury Him Kindly19913
      • Father, Forgive Me19934

  • Burley, W J

      • The Schoolmaster1977

      Dr Henry Pym, Zoologist & Criminalist
      A Taste of Power19661
      • Death in Willow Pattern19692

      Supt. Charles Wycliffe, Cornwall
      • Three-Toed Pussy (apa Wycliffe and the Three-Toed Pussy)19681
      • To Kill a Cat (apa Wycliffe and How to Kill a Cat)19702
      • Guilt Edged (apa Wycliffe and the Guilt Edged Alibi)19713
      • Death in a Salubrious Place (apa Wycliffe and Death in a Salubrious Place)19734
      • Death in Stanley Street (apa Wycliffe and Death in Stanley Street)19745
      • Wycliffe and the Pea-green Boat19756
      • Wycliffe and the Schoolgirls19767
      • Wycliffe and the Scapegoat19788
      • Wycliffe in Paul's Court19809
      • Wycliffe's Wild Goose Chase198210
      • Wycliffe and the Beales198311
      • Wycliffe and the Four Jacks198512
      • Wycliffe and the Quiet Virgin198613
      • Wycliffe and the Winsor Blue198714
      • Wycliffe and the Tangled Web198815
      • Wycliffe and the Cycle of Death199016
      • Wycliffe and the Dead Flautist199117
      • Wycliffe and the Last Rites199218
      • Wycliffe and the Dunes Mystery199319
      • Wycliffe and the House of Fear199520
      • Wycliffe and the Redhead199721
      • Wycliffe And The Guild Of Nine200022

  • Burnell, Mark

      • Freak1994
      • Glittering Savages1995

      Stephanie Patrick, Ex-intelligence operative
      • The Rhythm Section19991
      • Chameleon20012
      • Gemini20033
      • The Third Woman20054

  • Burns, John

      Max Chard, Journalist, London
      • Hack19961
      • Snap19982
      • Nark19993
      • Spike20004

  • Burrows, Steve

      Inspector Domenic Jejeune, Saltmarsh, Norfolk
      • A Siege of Bitterns20141
      • A Pitying of Doves20162
      • A Cast of Falcons20163
      • A Shimmer of Hummingbirds20174

  • Butler, Gwendoline (See also: Jenny Melville)

      • Vesey Inheritance1976
      • Meadowsweet (apa Brides of Friedberg)1977
      • The Red Staircase1979
      • Albion Walk1982

      Inspector John Coffin
      • Receipt for Murder19561
      • Dead in a Row19572
      • The Dull Dead19583
      • The Murdering Kind19584
      • The Interloper19595
      • Death Lives Next Door (apa Dine and Be Dead)19606
      • Make Me a Murderer19617
      • Coffin in Oxford19628
      • A Coffin for Baby19639
      • Coffin Waiting196410
      • A Coffin in Malta196411
      • A Nameless Coffin196612
      • Coffin Following196813
      • Coffin's Dark Number196914
      • A Coffin from the Past197015
      • A Coffin for the Canary (apa Olivia/ Sarsen Place/A Coffin for Pandora)197416
      • Coffin on the Water198617
      • Coffin in Fashion198718
      • Coffin Underground198819
      • Coffin in the Museum of Crime (apa Coffin in the Black Museum)198920
      • Coffin and the Paper Man199021
      • Coffin on Murder Street199122
      • Cracking Open a Coffin199223
      • A Coffin for Charley199424
      • The Coffin Tree199425
      • A Dark Coffin199526
      • A Double Coffin199627
      • Coffin's Game199728
      • A Grave Coffin199829
      • Coffin's Ghost199930
      • A Cold Coffin200031
      • Coffin Knows The Answer200232

      Major Mearns & Sergeant Denny, George IV era
      • The King Cried Murder!20001
      Dread Murder20062

  • Caan, Alex

      DCI Kate Riley and Zain Harris
      • Cut to the Bone20161
      • First to Die20172

  • Callaghan, Tom

      Inspector Akyl Borubaev
      • A Killing Winter20151
      • A Spring Betrayal20162
      • A Summer Revenge20173
      • Autumn Hunting20184

  • Cameron, Jeremy

      Nicky Burkett, criminal, Walthamstow
      • Vinnie Got Blown Away19951
      • It Was an Accident19962
      • Brown Bread in Wengen19993
      • Hell on Hoe Street20024
      • Wider Than Walthamstow20045

  • Cameron, Stella

      Alex Duggins, Folly-on-Weir, Cotswolds
      • Cold (apa Folly)20131
      • Out Comes the Evil20152
      • Melody of Murder20163
      • Lies that Bind20174
      • Whisper the Dead20175

  • Campion, Phil

      Steve Range, Ex-Special Forces operative
      • Desert Fire20121
      • Killing Range20132

  • Cannell, Dorothy

      • God Save the Queen!1997

      Ellie Haskell
      • The Thin Woman19841
      • The Widows Club19882
      • Mums's The Word19903
      • Femmes Fatal19924
      • How to Murder your Mother-in-Law19945
      • How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams19956
      • The Spring Cleaning Murders19987
      • The Trouble With Harriet19998
      • Bridesmaids Revisited20009
      Importance of Being Ernestine200210
      • Withering Heights200711
      • Goodbye, Ms. Chips200812
      • She Shoots to Conquer200913

      Florence Norris, Housekeeper, 1930s
      • Murder at Mullings20141
      • Death at Dovecote Hatch20152

      Short Stories
      • The Family Jewels and Other Stories2001

      Tessa Fields & Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell (who feature in the Ellie Haskell series)
      • Down the Garden Path19851

  • Carter, Alan

      Detective Senior Sergeant Cato Kwong, Australia
      • Prime Cut20111
      • Getting Warmer20142
      • Bad Seed20153

      Nick Chester, New Zealand
      • Marlborough Man20171

  • Carter, M J

      Blake & Avery, India, 1837
      • The Strangler Vine20141
      • The Infidel Stain (apa The Printer's Coffin)20152
      • The Devil's Feast20163

  • Cato, Joyce (See also: Faith Martin)

      Jenny Starling, travelling cook
      Birthdays Can be Murder20101
      A Fatal Fall of Snow20112
      • Dying for a Cruise20123
      • An Invisible Murder20124
      • Deadly Stuff20145
      • Just Not Cricket20156

      Monica Noble, Vicar's Wife, Cotswolds
      • An Unholy Mess20151
      • An Unholy Whiff of Death20152
      • An Unholy Shame20167

  • Caudwell, Sarah

      Hilary Tamar
      • Thus Was Adonis Murdered19811
      • The Shortest Way to Hades19852
      • The Sirens Sang of Murder19893
      • The Sibyl in Her Grave20004

  • Chambers, Kimberley

      • Billie Jo2008
      • Born Evil2009
      • The Betrayer2009
      • The Schemer2012
      • Backstabber2017
      • Life of Crime2018

      Frankie Mitchell
      • The Feud20101
      • The Traitor20102
      The Victim20113

      The Butlers
      • The Trap20131
      • The Wronged20153
      • Tainted Love20164

  • Chapman, Jean

      John Cannon, Ex-Met Officer, Fens
      • Both Sides of the Fence20091
      A Watery Grave20112
      • Deadly Serious20133
      • Deadly Zeal20154
      • Deadly Odds20185

  • Chapman, Julia

      The Dales Detective Series
      • Date with Death20171
      • Date with Malice20172
      • Date with Mystery20183

  • Charlton, Karen

      Detective Lavender and Constable Woods
      The Missing Heiress (apa The Heiress of Linn Hagh)20121
      • The Sans Pareil Mystery20152
      • The Sculthorpe Murder20163
      • Plague Pits & River Bones20184

      Detective Lavender short story
      • The Mystery of the Skelton Diamonds (ebook only)20141
      • The Piccadilly Pickpocket (ebook only)20152

      Regency Reivers Series
      • Catching the Eagle20111

  • Chase, Clare

      London & Cambridge Mysteries
      • You Think You Know Me20151
      • A Stranger's House20172
      • One Dark Lie (ebook only)20163

  • Cheetham, Ben

      Steel City series
      • Blood Guilt20131
      • Angel of Death20142
      • Justice for the Damned20153
      • Spider's Web20154

  • Chester, Roy

      Chief Superintendent David Mallory and offender profiler Dr Fiona Nightingale
      • The Toy Breaker20081
      • Anger Man20092
      • The God Slayer20103

  • Chisholm, P F (See also: Patricia Finney)

      Sir Robert Carey, 16th Century
      • A Famine of Horses19941
      • A Season of Knives19952
      • A Surfeit of Guns19963
      • A Plague of Angels19984
      • A Murder of Crows20105
      An Air of Treason20146
      • A Chorus of Innocents20157
      • A Clash of Spheres20178

  • Christer, Sam (See also: Jon Trace, Michael Morley)

      • The Stonehenge Legacy2011
      • The Turin Shroud Secret2012
      • The Camelot Code2013
      • The House Of Moriarty2016

      Tom Shaman
      • The Venice Conspiracy (as Jon Trace)20101
      • The Rome Prophecy (as Jon Trace)20112

  • Christie, Agatha

      The Man in the Brown Suit1924
      • The Sittaford Mystery (apa Murder at Hazelmoor)1931
      Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (apa The Boomerang Clue)1934
      And Then There Were None1939
      Murder Is Easy1939
      • Death Comes As the End1944
      Sparkling Cyanide (apa Remembered Death)1945
      Crooked House1949
      • They Came to Baghdad1951
      • Destination Unknown (apa So Many Steps to Death)1954
      • Ordeal by Innocence1958
      • The Pale Horse1961
      • Endless Night1967
      • Passenger to Frankfurt1970

      Adapted by Charles Osborne from a play
      • Black Coffee (with Hercule Poirot)1998
      • The Unexpected Guest1999
      • Spider's Web2000

      Hercule Poirot
      The Mysterious Affair at Styles19201
      • Murder on the Links19232
      • Poirot Investigates (short stories)19243
      • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd19264
      • The Big Four19275
      • The Mystery of the Blue Train19286
      • Peril at End House19327
      • Lord Edgware Dies (apa Thirteen at Dinner)19338
      • Murder on the Orient Express (apa Murder on the Calais Coach)19349
      • Three Act Tragedy (apa Murder in Three Acts)193410
      • Death in the Clouds (apa Death in the Air)193511
      • The ABC Murders (apa The Alphabet Murders)193612
      • Cards on the Table193613
      • Murder in Mesopotamia193614
      • Death on the Nile193715
      • Dumb Witness (apa Poirot Loses a Client)193716
      • Murder in the Mews (short stories) (apa Dead Man's Mirror)193717
      • Appointment With Death193818
      • Hercule Poirot's Christmas (apa A Holiday for Murder / Murder for Christmas)193819
      • Sad Cypress194020
      • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (apa An Overdose of Death / The Patriotic Murders)194021
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      • Five Little Pigs (apa Murder in Retrospect)194323
      • The Hollow (apa Murder After Hours)194624
      • The Labours of Hercules (Short Stories)194725
      • Taken at the Flood (apa There Is A Tide',)194826
      • Mrs McGinty's Dead (apa Blood Will Tell)195227
      • After the Funeral (apa Funerals are Fatal)195328
      • Hickory Dickory Dock (apa Hickory Dickory Death)195529
      • Dead Man's Folly195630
      • Cat Among the Pigeons195931
      • The Clocks196332
      • Third Girl196633
      • Hallowe'en Party196934
      • Elephants Can Remember197235
      • Poirot's Early Cases (Short Stories)197436
      • Curtain197537

      Hercule Poirot Novella
      • Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly2014

      Miss Marple Short Stories
      • The Thirteen Problems (apa The Tuesday Club Murders)19321
      • Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories19792

      Miss Marple, St. Mary Mead
      The Murder At The Vicarage19301
      • The Body in the Library19422
      • The Moving Finger19433
      • A Murder Is Announced19504
      • They Do It With Mirrors (apa Murder With Mirrors)19525
      • A Pocket Full of Rye19536
      • 4.50 from Paddington (apa What Mrs McGillicuddy Saw!)19577
      The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side19628
      • A Caribbean Mystery19649
      • At Bertram's Hotel196510
      • Nemesis197111
      • Sleeping Murder197612

      Short Stories
      • The Mysterious Mr Quin1930
      • The Hound of Death And Other Stories1933
      Parker Pyne Investigates1934
      • The Listerdale Mystery1934
      • The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories1934
      • Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories1948
      • Three Blind Mice and Other Stories1950
      • The Under Dog and Other Stories1951
      • The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding1960
      • Double Sin and Other Stories1961
      • The Golden Ball and Other Stories1971
      • The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories1977
      • Problem at Pollensa Bay1991
      • While the Light Lasts and Other Stories1997
      The Capture of Cerberus & The Incident of the Dog's Ball2009

      Superintendent Battle
      • The Secret of Chimneys19251
      The Seven Dials Mystery19292
      • Towards Zero19443

      Tommy and Tuppence Beresford
      The Secret Adversary19221
      • Partners in Crime (Short Stories)19292
      • N or M?19413
      By the Pricking of My Thumbs19684
      Postern of Fate19735

  • Clare, Alys

      Abbess Helewise and Sir Josse d'Acquin, 12th Century England.
      • Fortune like the Moon19991
      • Ashes Of The Elements20002
      • The Tavern In The Morning20003
      • The Chatter Of The Maidens20014
      • The Faithful Dead20025
      • A Dark Night Hidden20036
      • Whiter Than The Lily20047
      • Girl In A Red Tunic20058
      • Heart Of Ice20069
      • The Enchanter's Forest200710
      • The Paths of the Air200811
      • The Joys of My Life200812
      • The Rose of The World201113
      • The Song of the Nightingale201214
      • The Winter King201315
      • A Shadowed Evil201516
      • The Devil's Cup201717

      Gabriel Taverner, Former ship's surgeon, C17 Devon
      • A Rustle of Silk20161
      • The Angel in the Glass20182

      Lassair, 11thC, East Anglia
      • Out of the Dawn Light20091
      • Mist Over the Water20092
      • Music of the Distant Stars20103
      • The Way Between the Worlds20114
      • Land of the Silver Dragon20135
      • Blood of the South20146
      • The Night Wanderer20167
      • The Rufus Spy20178

  • Clarke, Angela

      DS Nasreen Cudmore and journalist Freddie Venton
      • Follow Me20151
      • Watch Me20162

  • Claverton, Rosie

      Amy Lane, Cardiff
      • Binary Witness20141
      • Code Runner20142
      • Captcha Thief20163
      • Terror 40420174

  • Clayton, Mary

      Ex-inspector John Reynolds
      • Pearls Before Swine19951
      • Dead Men's Bones19952
      • The Prodigal's Return19973
      • The Word Is Death19974
      • Death Is the Inheritance19985

  • Cleeves, Ann

      The Sleeping and the Dead2001
      • Burial of Ghosts2003

      Detective Jimmy Perez, Shetlands
      Raven Black20061
      White Nights20082
      Red Bones20093
      Blue Lightning20104
      Dead Water20135
      Thin Air20146
      • Cold Earth20167
      • Wild Fire20188

      Detective Jimmy Perez, Shetlands - Novella
      • Too Good To Be True (Quick Reads)20161

      George and Molly Palmer-Jones
      • A Bird in the Hand19861
      • Come Death and High Water19872
      • Murder in Paradise19883
      • A Prey to Murder19894
      • Sea Fever19915
      • Another Man's Poison19926
      • The Mill on the Shore19947
      • High Island Blues19968

      Insp. Ramsay
      • A Lesson in Dying19901
      • Murder in My Backyard19912
      • A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy19923
      • Killjoy19934
      • The Healers19955
      • The Baby Snatcher19976

      Inspector Vera Stanhope, East Yorkshire
      The Crow Trap19991
      Telling Tales20052
      Hidden Depths20073
      Silent Voices20114
      The Glass Room20125
      Harbour Street20146
      • The Moth Catcher20157
      • The Seagull20178

  • Clements, Rory

      John Shakespeare, Lawyer, Elizabethan era
      • Revenger20102
      • The Heretics20135
      • The Queen's Man20146
      • Holy Spy20157

      Thomas Wilde, 1930s
      • Corpus20171
      • Nucleus20182

  • Clements, Toby

      • The Asti Spumante Code2005
      • The No.2 Global Detective2006

  • Clooney, Ron

      • Pancardi's Pride2008
      • A Measure of Wheat for a Penny2009

  • Clough, Nicholas J

      • The Judas Goat2004
      • In the Company of Strangers2014

      Inspector Thomas Daykin, Yorkshire
      • A Safe Place to Kill20081
      • Shadows of Death20092

  • Coates, Anne

      Hannah Weybridge, Journalist
      • Dancers in the Wind20161
      • Death's Silent Judgement20172

  • Cody, Liza

      Anna Lee
      • Dupe19801
      • Bad Company19822
      • Stalker19843
      • Headcase19854
      • Under Contract19865
      • Backhand19916

      Eva Wylie
      • Bucket Nut19921
      • Monkey Wrench19942
      • Musclebound19973

  • Coggin, Joan

      Lady Lupin Lorrimer, England, 1930s
      • Who Killed the Curate?19441
      • The Mystery at Orchard House19462
      • Penelope Passes Or Why Did She Die?19463
      • Dancing with Death19474

  • Cohen, Anthea

      • Poisoned Pen1986
      • Dream On1999

      Agnes Carmichael
      • Angel Without Mercy19821
      • Angel of Vengeance19822
      • Angel of Death19833
      • Fallen Angel19844
      • Guardian Angel19855
      • Hell's Angel19866
      • Ministering Angel19877
      • Destroying Angel19888
      • Angel Dust19899
      • Angel in Action199110
      • Recording Angel199111
      • Angel in Love199312
      • Angel in Autumn199513
      • Dedicated Angel199714
      • Angel of Retribution199815
      • Angel and the French Widow200016
      • Angel and the Deadly Secret200317
      • Better Dead200518

  • Cohen, Tammy (See also: Rachel Rhys)

      • Dying for Christmas2014
      • First One Missing2015
      • When She Was Bad2016
      • They All Fall Down2017
      • Clean Break (Quick Reads)2018

  • Cole, Martina

      • Goodnight Lady1994
      • The Jump1995
      • The Runaway1997
      • Two Women1999
      • Faceless2001
      The Know2003
      • The Graft2004
      • The Take2005
      • Faces2007
      • The Business2008
      • The Family2010
      • The Faithless2011
      • The Life2012
      • Revenge2013
      • The Good Life2014
      • Get Even2015
      • Betrayal2016

      DI Kate Burrows and Patrick Kelly, East End London
      • The Ladykiller19931
      • Broken20002
      • Hard Girls20093
      • Damaged20174

      Maura Ryan, queen of the criminal underworld, East End London
      • Dangerous Lady19921
      • Maura's Game20022

  • Collier, Iris

      • Evil in the Sun1990
      • A Nest of Scorpions1991
      • King of the South1992

      Detectives Venerables and McBride, Northumberland
      • Spring Tide19961
      • Requiem19972
      • Innocent Blood19983

      Nicholas Peverell, Tudor era, Sussex
      • Day of Wrath20011
      • Reluctant Spy20022
      Death at Candlemas20043
      • The Secrets of the Black Canons20064

  • Conway, Aidan

      Detective Michael Rossi, Rome
      • A Known Evil20181
      • A Cold Flame20182

  • Conway, Anthony

      John Caspasian
      • The Viceroy's Captain20001
      • The General's Envoy20012
      • The Colonel's Renegade20023
      • The Brigadier's Outcast20034

  • Cook, Judith

      Dr. Simon Forman, Elizabethan sleuth
      • Death of a Lady’s Maid19971
      • Murder at the Rose19982
      • Blood on the Borders19993
      • Kill the Witch19994
      • School of the Night20005

      John Latymer, retired policeman
      • Dead Ringer20031
      • Worm in the Bood20032
      • Keeper's Gold20043

  • Cookman, Lesley

      Libby Sarjeant Short Story
      • Murder at Mallowan Manor (ebook only)2015

      Libby Sarjeant, middle aged actress/investigator, Kent
      • Murder in Steeple Martin20061
      • Murder at The Laurels20072
      • Murder in Midwinter20073
      • Murder by the Sea20084
      • Murder in Bloom20095
      • Murder in the Green20106
      • Murder Imperfect20107
      • Murder to Music20118
      • Murder at the Manor20119
      • Murder by Magic201210
      Murder in the Monastery201311
      • Murder in the Dark201312
      • Murder in a Different Place201413
      • Murder Out of Time201414
      • Murder in the Blood201615
      • Murder Dancing201616
      • Murder on the Run201617
      • Murder by the Barrel201718

  • Cooper, Brian

      Tench & Lubbock, late 1940s policemen, Norfolk
      • The Cross of San Vincente19911
      • The Singing Stones19932
      • Covenant with Death19943
      • Shadows on the Sand19954
      • The Travelling Dead19975
      • The Blacknock Woman19996
      The Norfolk Triangle20007
      • The Murder Column20038
      • Out with the Tide20069

  • Cornberg, Tony

      Simon Silver, Barrister
      • Unnoticed20051
      • The White Powder Business20062

  • Cornell, Paul

      Detective Inspector James Quill, London
      London Falling20121
      • The Severed Streets20142
      • Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?20163

  • Cornwell, Bernard

      • Wildtrack1988
      • Sea Lord (apa Killer's Wake)1989
      • Crackdown1990
      • Stormchild1991
      • Scoundrel1992

  • Corry, Jane

      • My Husband's Wife2016
      • Blood Sisters2017
      • The Dead Ex2018

  • Coward, Mat

      DI Don Packham and DC Frank Mitchell
      • Up and Down20001
      • In and Out20012
      • Over and Under20043
      • Open and Closed20054

      Short Stories
      • Do The World a Favour & Other Stories2003

  • Cox, Sarah

      DS Matt Arnold
      • Blood is Thicker20081
      • The Wages of Sin20092

  • Coy, Terry

      Detective Allan Shaw, Birmingham
      • The Evil Ones20051

  • Craske, Darren

      Cornelius Quaint, circus owner and master conjuror, Victorian London
      • The Equivoque Principle20081
      • The Eleventh Plague20102
      • The Lazarus Curse20113

  • Crawford, Dean

      Ethan Warner
      • Immortal20122
      • Continuum20123
      • The Chimera Secret20134
      • The Eternity Project20135

  • Crompton, Richard

      Mollel, a crime-solving former Maasai warrior, Nairobi, Kenya
      • The Honey Guide (apa Hour of the Red God)20131
      • Hell’s Gate20142

  • Cross, A J

      Dr Kate Hanson, forensic psychologist, West Midlands
      • Gone in Seconds20121
      • Art of Deception20132
      • A Little Death20173
      • Something Evil Comes20174

  • Cunningham, Fay

      Gina Cross, Forensic Artist
      • Sleeping Dogs20091
      • Cry Baby20102

  • Curzon, Clare (See also: Marie Buchanan, Alison Cairns, Rhona Petrie)

      • Leaven of Malice1979
      • Special Occasion1981
      • Trail of Fire1987
      • Shot Bolt1988
      • The Face in the Stone1989
      Guilty Knowledge1999
      • Flawed Light2003

      Lucy Sedgewick, early 20th Century
      • The Colour of Blood20001
      • Dangerous Practice20022

      Superintendent Mike Yeadings, Thames Valley Police
      • I Give You Five Days19831
      • Masks and Faces19842
      • Trojan Hearse19853
      • The Quest for K19864
      • Three-core Lead19885
      • The Blue-eyed Boy19906
      • Cat's Cradle19917
      • First Wife, Twice Removed19928
      • Death Prone19929
      • Nice People199310
      • Past Mischief199411
      • Close Quarters199612
      • All Unwary199713
      • Cold Hands199914
      • Don't Leave Me200115
      Body of a Woman200216
      A Meeting of Minds200317
      The Last to Leave (apa Last to Leave)200418
      The Glass Wall200519
      The Edge200620
      • Off Track200822
      • Burnt Out200923
      • Devil in the Detail201024

  • Cutler, Judith

      • Scar Tissue2004
      • Staging Death2009

      Chief Superintendent Frances Harman
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      DS Kate Power, Birmingham
      Power on Her Own19981
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      Jane Cowan, Wrayford, Kent
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      Jodie Welsh
      • Death in Elysium20141

      Josie Welford, Pub licensee, Kings Duncombe
      The Food Detective20051
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      Lina Townend
      Drawing the Line20041
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      The Keeper of Secrets20071
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      Anna Hopkins, Oxford
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      Sir John Saumarez
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      Kat Stanford
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      Short Stories
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      Short Stories
      • Account Rendered and Other Stories2003

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      Ravi Pindar
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      Short Stories
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      Short Stories
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      Maddy Crowe, archaeological illustrator and ancient costume expert
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      • Painkiller2016

      Mervyn Stone
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      • DVD Extras Include: Murder20103
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      • The Cavalier Case19917
      • Political Death19948

      Short Stories
      • Jemima Shore's First Case And Other Stories1986
      • Jemima Shore At the Sunny Grave And Other Stories1991

  • Fraser, James (See also: Alan White, Alec Whitney)

      Inspector Bill Aveyard
      • Evergreen Death19681
      • Cockpit of Roses19692
      • Deadly Nightshade19703
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      • Wreath for Lords and Ladies19746
      • Five-leafed Clover19747
      • Who Steals My Name?19768
      • Heart's Ease in Death19779

  • Fraser, Sara

      • The Target1998

      Thomas Potts, reluctant Parish Constable, Worcs
      • The Reluctant Constable20071
      • The Resurrection Men20082
      • The Drowned Ones20093
      • Suffer the Children20114
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      • The Dresden Green1966
      • This is the Castle1968
      • Gadget1977
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      • The Janeites2002

      Arlette Van Der Valk, Strasbourg
      • The Widow19791
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      Chief Inspector Van der Valk, Amsterdam
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      • Because of the Cats19632
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      Inspector Henri Castang, Brussels, Belgium & France
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      Joseph Soyinka, ex cop turned cab driver, NYC
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  • Fritchley, Alma

      Letty Campbell
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      • Chicken Feed19982
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      Cormoran Strike
      • The Cuckoo's Calling20131
      • The Silkworm20142
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  • Gardner, Frank

      Luke Carlton, Ex-Special Boat Service commando
      • Crisis20161
      • Ultimatum20182

  • Gardner, Katy

      • Losing Gemma2002
      • The Mermaid's Purse2003
      • Faker2008
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  • Gibb, Neil

      Alex Brierley
      • Blood Red Sky19991
      • Bleached White20002

  • Gibson, Maggie

      • Deadly Serious1997
      • Alice Little and the Big Girl's Blouse1999
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      Grace de Rossa, Ex-policewoman, Ireland
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  • Gill, Anton

      • The Sacred Scroll2012

      Huy the Scribe, Ancient Egypt
      • City of the Horizon19911
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  • Gooden, Philip (See also: Philippa Morgan)

      Nick Revill, player, 1600s
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      Tom Ansell, Lawyer, 1870s
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  • Goodwin, Tim

      • Blood of the Forest1999

      Sergeant Tomas Larsen, Greenland
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  • Gosling, Ian

      DCI Mike Barton
      • The Puppet Master20081
      • Lying to God2

  • Grace, C L (See also: Anna Apostolou, Michael Clynes, Ann Duthkas, P C Doherty, Paul Harding)

      Kathryn Swinbrooke, medieval physician and apothecary
      • A Shrine of Murders19931
      • The Eye of God19942
      • The Merchant of Death19953
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      • Saintly Murders20015
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  • Graham, Caroline

      • The Envy of the Stranger1984
      • Murder at Madingley Grange1990

      Chief Inspector Barnaby
      • The Killings at Badger's Drift19871
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      • Written in Blood19944
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      • A Place of Safety19996
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  • Granger, Ann

      Fran Varady
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      Inspector Jess Campbell & Superintendent Ian Carter, Cotswolds
      Mud, Muck and Dead Things20091
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      Lizzie Martin, Lady's companion and Inspector Ben Ross, Victorian Era
      A Rare Interest in Corpses (apa The Companion)20061
      • A Mortal Curiosity20082
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      Mitchell & Markby
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  • Granger, Martin

      Nathalie Thompson, Freelance filmmaker
      • Manila Harbour20151
      • Oceans on Fire20152

  • Grant, Andrew

      Cooper Devereaux
      • Run20141
      • False Positive20152
      • False Friend20173

      David Trevellyan, former Royal Navy Intelligence Officer
      • Even20091
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      Sherlock Holmes
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      • Wish You Were Here1995
      • Evil Acts1996
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  • Gray, Clio

      • The Legacy of the Lynx2016

      Scottish Mysteries
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      • Burning Secrets20172
      • Hidden Pasts20183

      Wigbert Stroop, early C19th
      Guardians of the Key20061
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  • Green, Christine

      D.I Connor O'Neill
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      Detective Inspector Rydell and Sergeant Denni Caldecote
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      • Vain Hope20022

      Kate Kinsella, ex Nurse
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      • Deadly Admirer19922
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      • Deadly Night20048
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      DI Peach, Lancashire
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  • Grey, Isabelle

      • Out of Sight2012
      • The Bad Mother2013

      Detective Grace Fisher, Essex
      Good Girls Don't Die20141
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  • Grey, Patricia (See also: Liz Evans)

      Dectective Chief Inspector Jack Stamford and Sergeant Sarah McNeill, WW2, London
      • Junction Cut19941
      • Balaclava Row19942
      • Good Hope Station19973
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      • The Massingham Affair1962
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      Kitty Peck, Victorian London
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      • The Requiem Shark1999
      • The House of Sight and Shadow2000
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  • Grubb, Penny

      PI Annie Raymond
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  • Guttridge, Peter

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      Disgraced Chief Constable Robert Watts, Brighton
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      Nick Madrid
      No Laughing Matter19971
      A Ghost of a Chance19982
      Two to Tango19983
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      Foiled Again20005
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      • Look Back in Agra7

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      PI Paul Lomax
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      Samantha Quest, Government Agent
      • Gigolo20051
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  • Hale, Georgie

      • Tread Softly2000
      • Without Consent2001
      • Better Than Death2003
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      • The Beckford Don1984

      Frank Crane, PI
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      • The Casino Girl20094

      John Goss, PI, Yorkshire
      • Thoroughfare of Stones19951
      • When Beggars Die19962
      • Written in Water19993
      • Fear of Violence20004

  • Hall, Gregory

      • The Dark Backward1995
      • A Cement of Blood1997
      • Mortal Remains1999
      • A Sleep and A Forgetting2003

  • Hall, Lisa

      • Between You and Me2016
      • Tell Me No Lies2016
      • The Party2018

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      Sir Richard Straccan, ex-Crusader
      • The Bone-pedlar20001
      • The Pendragon Banner20012
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  • Hammond, Ray

      • Emergence2001
      • Extinction2005
      • The Cloud2006
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      Daisy Lane, 1960s
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      • Jail Bait20105
      Fighting Dirty20116

  • Hardie, Mark

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  • Harman, John

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      • Called To Account1994
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      Dr Thomas Silkstone, 18C England
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      Game Over200811
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  • Harvey, John (See also: Terry Lennox, James Mann)

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      • The Geranium Kiss1976
      • Junkyard Angel1977
      • Neon Madman1977
      • Frame1979
      • Blind1981
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      • Nick's Blues (Young Adult Novel)2008
      Good Bait2012

      Charlie Resnick, Nottingham
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      Darkness, Darkness201412

      Detective Inspector Will Graham and Detective Sergeant Helen Walker
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      Trouble in Mind (Crime Express novella)20071

      Retired Detective Inspector Elder, Cornwall
      Flesh and Blood20041
      Ash and Bone20052
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      Short Stories
      • Now's the Time: The Complete Resnick Short Stories1999
      • A Darker Shade of Blue2010
      • Going Down Slow and Other Stories2017

  • Harward, Janet

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      • Waking the Dead2001

      DI Josephine Blake
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      • Unspoken2008
      • Tell-Tale2009
      Someone Else's Son2010
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      • Caroline R1980
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      Dr Tudor Cornwall, Reader in Criminal Studies at the University of Wessex.
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      Simon Bognor, Special Investigator for the Board of Trade
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  • Healey, Emma

      • Elizabeth Is Missing2014
      • A Whistle in the Dark2018

  • Hebden, Juliet

      Inspector Pel
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      • Pel and the Butchers' Blades20017
      Pel and the Nickname Game20028

  • Heley, Veronica

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      • Scream for Sarah1975
      • Cry for Kit1976
      • Fear for Frances1977
      • Death for Deborah1978

      Bea Abbott, Sixty-something owner of The Abbott (Domestic) Agency
      • False Charity20071
      • False Picture20082
      • False Step20083
      • False Pretences20104
      • False Money20105
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      • False Fire201611
      • False Pride201712

      Ellie Quicke, widow, London suburbs
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  • Heller, Mandasue

      • The Front2002
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      • The Game2005
      • The Club2006
      • Shafted2007
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      • Two-faced2009
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      Lost Angel2012
      • Broke2013
      • Respect2014
      • Afraid2015
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      • Save Me2017

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      • Tart Noir (anthology)2002

      Sam Jones
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      • Freeze My Margarita19984
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      • Chained20006
      Pretty Boy20017

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      • Smoke and Whispers2009
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      Slough House
      Slow Horses20101
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      Inspector Hemingway
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      • Detection Unlimited19534

      Sup. Hannasyde
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      DI Ray Drake
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      The Woodcutter2010

      Dalziel & Pascoe Novella set in 2010
      • One Small Step1990

      Dalziel & Pascoe Short Stories
      • Asking for the Moon1994

      Joe Sixsmith, PI, Luton
      • Blood Sympathy19941
      • Born Guilty19952
      • Killing the Lawyers19973
      • Singing the Sadness19994
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      Short Stories
      • Pascoe's Ghost and Other Brief Chronicles of Crime1979
      There Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union1987

      Supt. Dalziel & Sgt. Pascoe
      A Clubbable Woman19701
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      Revd Francis Oughterard
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      Rosy Gilchrist
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      Maestra series
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      Mercia Blakewood
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      • Slice2010

      DC Kate Hamblin
      • Firetrap20111
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      John Halle, PI
      • The Girl On The Bus20071
      • The Killing Moon2

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      Inspector Achille Peroni, Italy
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      • Sleb2002
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      TV Producer Kate Wilkinson
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      The Norbridge Chronicles
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      • The Bones of You2015
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      • Tell Me No Secrets1999
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      • Before They Make You Run2006

      Evan Maitland, Chicago
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      • Gently Go Man19619
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      • Gently Sahib196412
      Gently with the Ladies196513
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      Gently Continental196715
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      Wars Within
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      NYPD Detective Callum Doyle
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      Christian Hardy
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      Robert Finlay
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      Duffy, PI, London
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      • Putting the Boot In19853
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      • Death in the Andamans (revised 1985) (originally published as Night on the Island)1960

  • Keane, Jessie

      • Jail Bird2010
      The Make2011
      • Dangerous2015
      • Fearless2018

      Annie Bailey
      • Dirty Game20081
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      Darke family
      • Nameless20121
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      Short Stories
      • Mrs Craggs: Crimes Cleaned Up1985
      • In Kensington Gardens Once…1997

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      • Vulture19952
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      • Rosa1980
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      A Baby Ganesh Agency short story (Quick Reads)
      • Inspector Chopra and the Million-Dollar Motor Car20181

      Inspector Chopra
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      • The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown20162
      • The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star20173
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  • King, Danny

      • The Bank Robber Diaries2002
      • The Hitman Diaries2003
      • The Pornographer Diaries2004
      • School for Scumbags2007

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      • More Burglar Diaries20092

      Darren Mile, ex-con
      • Milo's Marauders20051
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      • Hitman2000
      • The Fixer2001

      DCI Ed Mallory, blind hostage negotiator, London
      • Sacrifice20132

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      Lady Emily Hardcastle, 1908
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      • In the Market for Murder20162

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      • The Figurehead2010

      DCI Carston, Cairnburgh, near Aberdeen
      • Material Evidence19951
      • Rough Justice19962
      • The Darkness20083

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      • Killer Reels (ebook)2012

      Detective Superintendent Colm McEvoy
      • The Rule Book20091
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  • Knox, Joseph

      Detective Aidan Waits, Manchester
      • Sirens20171
      • The Smiling Man20182

  • Kray, Roberta

      • The Debt2006
      • The Pact2007
      The Lost2008
      • Strong Women2009
      • The Villain's Daughter2010
      • Broken Home2011
      Nothing But Trouble2012
      • Bad Girl2013
      • Streetwise2013
      • No Mercy2014
      • Dangerous Promises2015
      • Exposed2016
      • Survivor2017

  • Lacey, Sarah (See also: Kay Mitchell)

      Leah Hunter, Tax Inspector
      • File Under: Deceased19921
      • File Under: Missing19932
      • File Under: Arson19943
      • File Under: Jeopardy19954

  • Lake, Deryn

      • The Governor's Ladies2005

      John Rawlings, Apothecary, Georgian London
      • Death in the Dark Walk19941
      • Death at the Beggar's Opera19952
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      • Death on the Romney Marsh19984
      • Death in the Pearless Pool19995
      • Death at Apothecaries' Hall20006
      • Death in the West Wind20017
      • Death at St James's Palace (apa Death in St James's Palace)20028
      Death in the Valley of Shadows20039
      Death in the Setting Sun200410
      Death and the Cornish Fiddler200611
      Death in Hellfire200712
      • Death and the Black Pyramid200913
      • Death at the Wedding Feast201114
      • Death on the Rocks201315
      • Death at the Boston Tea Party201616

      Reverend Nick Lawrence, Lakehurst, Sussex
      • The Mills of God20101
      • Dead on Cue20122
      The Moonlit Door20143

  • Lake, John

      • Hot Knife - Love, Bullets and Revenge in Leeds, Yorkshire, England2008

  • La Plante, Lynda

      • Widows 21985
      • Bella Mafia1990
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      • Prime Suspect 21992
      • Entwined1993
      • Prime Suspect 31993
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      • Trial and Retribution1997
      • Trial and Retribution 21998
      • Trial and Retribution 31999
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      • Trial and Retribution 5 (novelised by Robin Blake)2002
      • Trial and Retribution 6 (novelised by Robin Blake)2002
      • Last Suspect2004
      • The Little One (Quick Reads novella)2012
      • Twisted2014

      Detective Anna Travis, London
      Above Suspicion20041
      The Red Dahlia20062
      Clean Cut20073
      Deadly Intent20084
      Silent Scream20095
      Blind Fury20106
      Blood Line20117
      • Backlash20128
      • Wrongful Death20139

      Dolly Rawlins
      • Widows19831
      • Prime Suspect19911
      • She's Out19953

      Helen Hewitt
      • The Governor19951
      • The Governor 219962

      Lieutenant Lorraine Page, Pasadena
      • Cold Shoulder19941
      • Cold Blood19962
      • Cold Heart19983

      WPC Tennison
      • Tennison (apa Prime Suspect 1973)20151
      • Hidden Killers20162
      Good Friday20173

  • Latus, Dan

      • Never Look Back2008

      Frank Doy
      • Risky Mission20111
      • Out of the Night20122

  • Laurence, Janet

      • To Kill the Past1994

      An Ursula Grandison Mystery
      • Deadly Inheritance20121

      • Canaletto and the Case of Westminster Bridge19971
      • Canaletto and the Case of the Privy Garden19982
      • Canaletto and the Case of Bonnie Prince Charlie20023

      Darina Lisle, Cook
      • A Deepe Coffyn19891
      • A Tasty Way to Die19902
      • Hotel Morgue19913
      • Recipe for Death19924
      • Death and the Epicure19935
      • Death at the Table19946
      • Death a la Provencale19957
      • Diet for Death19968
      • Appetite for Death19989
      • The Mermaid's Feast200010

  • Laws, Darren E

      • Tripping2007

      FBI Agent Georgina O'Neil
      • Turtle Island (revised edition 2008)20031
      • Dark Country2

  • Laws, Peter

      Professor Matt Hunter
      • Purged20171
      • Unleashed20182

  • Lean, Frank

      David Cunane, PI, Manchester
      • Red for Rachel19941
      • Nine Lives19952
      • The Reluctant Investigator19973
      • Kingdom Gone19994
      • Boiling Point20015
      • Above Suspicion20016
      • Raised in Silence20047

  • Leather, Stephen

      • Pay Off1987
      • The Fireman1989
      • Hungry Ghost1991
      • The Chinaman1992
      • The Vets1993
      • The Long Shot1994
      • The Birthday Girl1995
      • The Double Tap1996
      • The Solitary Man1997
      • The Tunnel Rats1997
      • The Bombmaker1999
      • The Stretch2000
      Tango One2002
      • The Eyewitness2003
      • First Response2016
      • Takedown2017
      The Shout2018

      Dan Shepherd, SAS trooper turned undercover cop
      Hard Landing20041
      Soft Target20052
      • Cold Kill20063
      • Hot Blood20074
      Dead Men20085
      Live Fire20096
      Rough Justice20107
      Fair Game20118
      • False Friends20129
      True Colours201310
      White Lies201411
      • Black Ops201512
      • Dark Forces201613
      • Light Touch201714
      • Tall Order201815

      Jack Nightingale, PI, Surrey
      • Nightshade20134

  • Lebor, Adam

      Balthazar Kovacs, Detective, Budapest
      • District VIII20171

      Yael Azoulay
      • The Budapest Protocol20111
      • The Geneva Option20132
      • The Washington Stratagem20163
      • The Reykjavik Assignment20164

  • Lee, Austin (See also: John Austwick, Julian Callender)

      Flora Hogg, schoolmistress turned detective
      • Sheep's Clothing19551
      • Call in Miss Hogg19562
      • Miss Hogg and the Bronte Murders19563
      • Miss Hogg and the Squash Club19574
      • Miss Hogg and the Dead Dean19585
      • Miss Hogg Flies High19586
      • Miss Hogg and the Covent Garden Murders19607
      • Miss Hogg and the Missing Sisters19618
      • Miss Hogg's Last Case19639

  • Lee, Christopher

      • The Madrigal1993
      • The House1994

      Inspector Leonard, Bath
      • The Bath Detective19951
      • The Killing of Sally Keemer19972
      • The Killing of Cinderella19983

  • Lewis, Damien

      • Desert Claw (Quick Reads novella)2006
      • Cobra Gold2007

  • Lewis, Geoffrey

      DI David Russell & DS Doug Rimmer, Grancester, Northamptonshire
      • Flashback20031
      • Strangers20042
      • Winter's Tale20043
      • Cycle20054

  • Linscott, Gillian (See also: Caro Peacock)

      • Unknown Hand1988
      • Murder, I Presume1990
      • The Garden2002

      Birdie Linnet, ex policeman
      • A Healthy Body19841
      • Murder Makes Tracks19852
      • Knightfall19863
      • A Whiff of Sulphur19874

      Nell Bray, Suffragette
      • Sister Beneath the Sheet19911
      • Hanging on the Wire19922
      • Stage Fright19933
      • Widow's Peak (apa An Easy Day for a Lady)19954
      • Crown Witness19955
      • Dead Man's Music (apa Dead Man's Sweetheart)19966
      • Dance on Blood19987
      • Absent Friends19998
      The Perfect Daughter20009
      Dead Man Riding200210
      Blood on the Wood200311

  • Linskey, Howard

      DC Ian Bradshaw
      No Name Lane20151
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      • The Chosen Ones20184

      David Blake
      • The Drop20111
      • The Damage20122
      • The Dead20133

  • Litchfield, Michael

      • See How They Run1984
      • Murder Circus1985
      • Nailed!1985
      • Bullet for an Encore2005
      • Last Bus to the Grave2005
      • Deadline2006

      DI Mike Lorenzo
      • The One a Month Man20121
      • Jack's Heir20132

  • Lloyd, Catherine

      Kurland St. Mary Mysteries
      • Death Comes To The Village20141
      • Death Comes to London20142
      • Death Comes To Kurland Hall20153
      • Death Comes to the Fair20164
      • Death Comes to the School20175

  • Lock, Joan

      • Death in Perspective2001

      Detective Sergeant Best, Victorian London
      Dead Image20001
      • Dead Born20022
      • Dead Letters20033
      • Dead End20044
      • Dead Fall20055
      • Dead Loss20056
      • Dead Centre20087

  • London, Kate

      DS Sarah Collins
      • Post Mortem20151
      • Death Message20172

  • Lorrimer, Claire

      • The Shadow Falls1974
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      • Over My Dead Body2003
      • Dead Centre2005
      • Infatuation2007
      • Dead Reckoning2009

  • Lovesey, Phil

      • Death Duties1998
      • Ploughing Potters Field1999
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  • Lowe, Sheila

      • What She Saw2013

      Claudia Rose, Forensic Handwriting Expert, Los Angeles
      Poison Pen20071
      Written in Blood20082
      • Dead Write20093
      • Last Writes20104
      • Inkslingers Ball20145
      • Outside the Lines20166

  • Lynch, Rachel

      DI Kelly Porter, Lake District
      • Dark Game (ebook only)20181

  • Lynn, Matt (See also: James Harland)

      Steve West, a maverick former SAS man and his unit of mercenaries
      • Death Force20091
      • Fire Force20102
      • Shadow Force20113
      • Ice Force20124

  • MacAlan, Peter (See also: Peter Tremayne)

      • The Judas Battalion1983
      • Airship1984
      • The Confession1985
      • Kitchener's Gold1986
      • The Valkyrie Directive1987
      • The Doomsday Decree1988
      • Fireball1991
      • The Windsor Protocol1993

  • MacDonald, Sara

      • Falls The Shadow1996
      • Listening to Voices1998
      • The Sleep of Birds1999

  • Mackay, Niki

      Madison Attalee
      • I, Witness20181
      • I, Suspect20192

  • Macmillan, Gilly

      • Burnt Paper Sky (apa What She Knew)2015
      • The Perfect Girl2016

      Detective Jim Clemo, Bristol
      • Odd Child Out20171

  • Macpherson, Ian

      Bo Pett of Amnesty International
      • Invisibility20061
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      Inspector Mason
      • Danube Stations20051
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      Tamara Hoyland, Archaeologist
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      • Last Ditch197729
      • Grave Mistake197830
      • Photo Finish198031
      • Light Thickens198232
      • Money in the Morgue (completed by Stella Duffy)201833

      Short Stories
      • The Collected Short Fiction of Ngaio Marsh1989
      • Death on the air : and other stories1995
      • Death on the air : and other stories (revised)2000

  • Marshall, Michael

      The Intruders2007
      • Bad Things2009
      • Killer Move2011
      • The Breakers2011
      • The Forgotten2013
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      Ward Hopkins & John Zandt
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      • Arm and a Leg1998

      Detective Sergeant Vic Hallam and DC Cromer, Bristol
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      DI Hillary Greene, Oxfordshire
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      • An Oxford Tragedy19331
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      Danny Boyd, Undercover Police Officer
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      River Deep20041
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      Dr Claire Roget, Forensic Psychiatrist
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  • Matthews, John

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      Finley Jameson & Joseph Argenti, New York, Victorian Era
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      Dr Lance Elliot
      • Murder Plot (as Lance Elliot)20081
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      Solicitor Helena Flemming and Pathologist John Eisenmenger
      A Feast of Carrion20031
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      Dr Harry Kent
      • The Hollow Men20161
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  • McCoy, Ken

      DI Sep Black
      • Dead or Alive20161
      • A Long Way Down20172

      Sam Carew, ex-cop and now private detective
      • Mad Carew20041

  • McCrery, Nigel

      DCI Mark Lapslie, synaesthesia sufferer
      Still Waters (apa Core of Evil)20071
      Tooth and Claw20092
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      • Flesh and Blood20175

      Doctor Sam Ryan, Home Office pathologist
      • Silent Witness19961
      • Strange Screams of Death19972
      • The Spider's Web19983
      • Faceless Strangers20014
      • In Search of Evil20035

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      Inspector Steve Carmichael, Lancashire
      • Little White Lies20081
      • Lillia's Diary20092
      • Frozen to Death20103

  • McGee, James

      • Trigger Men1985
      • Crow's War1989
      • Wolf's Lair1990

      Matthew Hawkwood, Bow Street Runner, Regency London
      Ratcatcher (apa Hawkwood)20061
      • Rapscallion20083
      • Rebellion20114
      • The Blooding20135
      • The Reckoning20176

  • McGregor, Rafe

      • The Architect of Murder2009

      Captain Jackson
      • The Secret Policeman20051
      • The Secret Service20062
      • The Secret Agent (short story collection)20063
      • Contre Temps (Amazon short)20074
      • Murder by Numbers (Amazon short)20075
      • Hit and Miss (Amazon short)20076

  • McKay, Shirley

      Hew Cullen, Edinburgh, 1570/80s
      • Hue and Cry20091
      • Fate and Fortune20102
      • Time & Tide20113
      • Friend & Foe20134
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  • McLoughlin, Jane

      • Coincidence1992
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      • Cheated Hearts2007
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  • McNab, Andy

      • The Grey Man (Quick Reads Novella)2006
      • War Torn2010

      The Nick Stone Missions
      • Remote Control19981
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      • Dead Centre201114
      • Silencer201315
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      • Line of Fire201719

      Tom Buckingham, SAS Trooper
      Red Notice20121
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  • Medina, K T/Kate

      • White Crocodile2014

      Dr Jessie Flynn, Psychologist
      • Fire Damage20161
      • Scared to Death20172
      • Two Little Girls20183

  • Mitchell, Dreda Say

      • Running Hot2004
      Killer Tune2007
      Geezer Girls2009
      • Gangster Girl2010
      Hit Girls2011
      • Vendetta2014
      • Death Trap2015
      • One False Move (Quick Reads Novella)2017

      Flesh and Blood Trilogy
      • Blood Sister20161
      • Blood Mother20172
      • Blood Daughter20173

  • Mitchell, Kay (See also: Sarah Lacey)

      Chief Inspector Morrissey, Malminster
      • A Lively Form of Death19901
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      • The Kid from Riga1976
      • The House on Falling Star Hill2004

      Sarah Keane and Sup. Colin Greaves
      • Sweet Sixteen19921
      • Cat's Paw19932
      • Home Before Dark19943
      • Dogsbody19964

  • Moody, Susan (See also: Susannah James, Susan Madison)

      • Playing with Fire1990
      • Hush-a-bye1991
      • Mosaic1991
      • Falling Angel1998
      • Losing Nicola2011
      • Dancing in the Dark2012
      • Loose Ends2012
      • A Final Reckoning2013

      Alex Quick
      • Quick and The Dead20161
      • Quick Off the Mark20162
      • Quick on the Draw20173

      Cassie Swann, Bridge Player
      • Takeout Double (apa Death Takes a Hand)19931
      Grand Slam19942
      • King of Hearts19953
      • Doubled in Spades19964
      • The Sacrifice Bid19975
      • Dummy Hand19986

      Penny Wanawake, Photographer
      • Penny Black19841
      • Penny Dreadful19842
      • Penny Post19853
      • Penny Royal19864
      • Penny Wise19885
      • Penny Pinching19896
      • Penny Saving19917

  • Moray, Keith

      Inspector McKinnon, Hebrides, Scotland
      • The Gathering Murders20061
      • Deathly Wind20072
      • Murder Solstice20083
      • Flotsam & Jetsam20104
      • Death in Transit20135

  • Morfoot, Peter

      Captain Darac, Nice, France
      • Impure Blood20161
      • Fatal Music20172

  • Morgan, Philippa (See also: Philip Gooden)

      Geoffrey Chaucer
      • Chaucer and the House of Fame20041
      • Chaucer and the Legend of Good Women20052
      • Chaucer and the Doctor of Physic20063

  • Morgellyn, Anne

      Louise Moon, Mortuary technician
      • Disremembering Eddie20031
      • Removing Edith Mary20042

  • Morson, Ian

      Nick Zuliani, Medieval Venetian entrepreneur and explorer
      • City of the Dead20081
      • A Deadly Injustice20112

      William Falconer, 13thC
      • Falconer's Crusade19951
      • Falconer's Judgement19952
      • Falconer and the Face of God19963
      • A Psalm for Falconer19974
      • Falconer and the Great Beast19985
      • Falconer and the Ritual of Death20086
      • Falconer's Trial20097
      • Falconer and the Death of Kings20108
      • Falconer and the Rain of Blood20139

  • Morton, Mandy

      The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency
      • The No.2 Feline Detective Agency20141
      • Cat Among the Pumpkins20152
      • The Death of Downton Tabby20163
      • The Ghost of Christmas Paws20164
      • The Michaelmas Murders20175

  • Morton, Nik (See also: Robert W Nicholson)

      • Pain Wears No Mask2007

      Tana Standish. Psychic, 1970s
      • The Prague Manuscript20081
      • The Tehran Transmission2

  • Mosby, Steve

      The Third Person2003
      • The Cutting Crew2005
      • 50/50 Killer2007
      Cry for Help2008
      • Still Bleeding2009
      • Black Flowers2011
      • Dark Room (apa The Murder Code)2012
      • The Nightmare Place2014
      • I Know Who Did It (apa The Reckoning on Cane Hill)2015
      • You Can Run2017

  • Muddiman, Rebecca

      DI Michael Gardner
      • Stolen20131
      • Gone20152
      • Tell Me Lies20163
      • Murder in Slow Motion20184

  • Mukherjee, Abir

      Captain Sam Wyndham, Calcutta, 1919
      • A Rising Man20161
      • A Necessary Evil20172
      • Smoke and Ashes20183

  • Mundy, Elizabeth

      Lena Szarka, Hungarian cleaner, London
      • In Strangers' Houses20181
      • A Clean Canvas20192

  • Murphy, Peter

      Ben Schroeder, Lawyer, 1960s
      A Higher Duty20131
      • A Matter for the Jury20152

      Ellen Trevathan, Politician, USA
      • Removal20121
      • Test of Resolve20142

  • Murphy, Theresa

      • Murder in Dorset1988
      • The Honey Gatherers2004
      • Let Me Die Yesterday2006
      • Coming to the Edge2011
      • McFeeley's Rebellion2012

  • Murray, Colin

      • After a Dead Dog2007

      Tony Gerard, amateur PI
      • No Hearts, No Roses20111
      • September Song20112

  • Myers, Amy (See also: Harriet Hudson)

      Auguste Didier, half-French, half-English master chef, Victorian Era
      • Murder in Pug's Parlour19861
      • Murder in the Limelight19872
      • Murder at Plum's19893
      • Murder at the Masque19914
      • Murder Makes an Entree19925
      • Murder Under the Kissing Bough19926
      • Murder in the Smokehouse19947
      • Murder at the Music Hall19958
      • Murder in the Motor Stable19969
      • Murder with Majesty199910
      • Murder in the Queen's Boudoir200011

      Jack Colby, Car Detective
      • Classic in The Barn20111
      • Classic Calls the Shots20122
      • Classic in the Clouds20123
      • Classic Mistake20134
      • Classic in the Pits20135
      • Classic Cashes20146
      • Classic in the Dock20157
      • Classic at Bay20168

      Nell Drury, chef-sleuth, 1920s
      • Dancing with Death20171

      Peter and Georgia Marsh, father and daughter cold case investigators/authors, Kent
      • The Wickenham Murders20041
      • Murder in Friday Street20052
      • Murder in Hell's Corner20063
      • Murder and the Golden Goblet20074
      • Murder in the Mist20085
      • Murder Takes the Stage20096
      Murder on the Old Road20107
      • Murder in Abbot's Folly20118

      Short Stories
      • Murder, 'Orrible Murder2006

      Tom Wasp, chimney sweep in Victorian London's East End
      • Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner20081

  • Myles, Simon (See also: Ken Follett, Zachary Stone)

      Apples Carstairs
      • The Big Needle19741
      • The Big Black19742
      • The Big Hit19753

  • Nabb, Magdalen

      • The Prosecutor (with Paolo Vagheggi)1986

      Marshal Guarnaccia, Florence, Italy
      • Death of an Englishman19811
      Death of a Dutchman19822
      • Death in Springtime19833
      • Death in Autumn19844
      • The Marshal and the Murderer19875
      • The Marshal and the Madwoman19886
      • The Marshal's Own Case19907
      • The Marshal Makes His Report19918
      • The Marshal at the Villa Torrini19939
      • The Monster of Florence199610
      Property of Blood200111
      Some Bitter Taste200212
      The Innocent200513
      Vita Nuova200814

  • Nadel, Barbara

      Cetin Ikmen, Policeman, Istanbul
      • Belshazzar's Daughter19991
      • A Chemical Prison (apa The Ottoman Cage)20002
      • Arabesk20013
      • Deep Waters20024
      • Harem20035
      • Petrified20046
      Deadly Web20057
      • Dance With Death20068
      A Passion For Killing20079
      • Pretty Dead Things200710
      River of the Dead200911
      Death by Design201012
      A Noble Killing201113
      • Dead of Night201214
      • Deadline201315
      • Body Count201416
      • Land of the Blind201517
      • On the Bone201618
      The House of Four201719
      • Incorruptible201820

      Francis Hancock, Undertaker, 1940s England
      • Last Rites20051
      After the Mourning20062
      Ashes to Ashes20083
      • Sure and Certain Death20094

      PI Lee Arnold and his assistant, Mumtaz Hakim. East End London
      A Private Business20121
      An Act of Kindness20132
      • Poisoned Ground20143
      • Enough Rope20154
      • Bright Shiny Things20175
      • Displaced20186

  • Neel, Janet

      Ticket to Ride2005

      Detective Inspector John McLeish & Francesca Wilson
      • Death's Bright Angel19881
      • Death on Site19892
      • Death of a Partner19913
      • Death Among the Dons19934
      • A Timely Death19965
      • To Die For19986
      O Gentle Death20007

  • Nichol, John

      • Point Of Impact1996
      • Vanishing Point1997
      • Exclusion Zone1998
      • Stinger1999
      • Decisive Measures2000

  • Noble, Malcolm

      Timberdick, Call Girl, South coast seaport in the 1960s.
      • Timberdick's First Case20041
      • Liking Good Jazz20052
      • Piggy Tucker's Poison20063
      • The Case of the Dirty Verger20074
      • The Parish of Frayed Ends20085
      • A Mystery of Cross Women20096
      • The Clue of the Curate's Cushion20107
      • The Case of the Naughty Wife20108

  • Norman, Hilary (See also: Alexandra Henry)

      • Too Close1998
      • Blind Fear2000
      • Deadly Games2001
      Twisted Minds2002
      • No Escape2003
      • Guilt2004
      • Compulsion2005
      • Ralph's Children2008
      • Whirlwind2016

      Detective Sam Becket, Miami Beach
      • Mind Games19991
      • Last Run20072
      • Shimmer20093
      • Caged20104
      • Hell20115
      • Eclipse20126
      • Fear and Loathing20147

  • Oakes, Andy

      Sun Piao, Senior Investigator with the Homicide Squad, Shanghai, China
      • Dragon's Eye20031
      • Citizen One20072

  • Ockley, Martha (See also: Rebecca Jenkins)

      Faith Morgan, newly ordained priest in the Church of England, Winchester
      • The Reluctant Detective20101
      • The Advent of Murder20132
      • A Saintly Killing20143

  • Oldfield, Pamela

      • The Butterfly Box1996
      • Pieces of Silver1998
      • Jack's Shadow2006
      • Truth Will Out2009
      • The Boat House2010

  • Oldham, Nick

      • One Dead Witness1998
      • The Last Big Job1999

      DCI Christie
      • A Time for Justice19961
      • Nightmare City19982
      • Backlash20013
      • Substantial Threat20024
      • Dead Heat20045
      • Big City Jacks20056
      • Psycho Alley20067
      • Critical Threat20078
      • Screen of Deceit20089
      • Crunch Time200810
      • The Nothing Job200911
      • Seizure201012
      • Hidden Witness201013
      • Facing Justice201114
      • Instinct201115
      • Fighting for the Dead201216
      • Bad Tidings201317
      • Judgement Call201318
      • Low Profile201419
      • Edge201420
      • Unforgiving201521
      • Bad Blood201622
      • Bad Cops201723

      Steve Flynn
      • Onslaught20161
      • Ambush20162
      • Headhunter20173

  • Orford, Margie

      Dr Clare Hart, journalist and part-time police profiler, Cape Town
      • Like Clockwork20091
      • Blood Rose20102
      Daddy's Girl20113
      • Gallows Hill20114
      • Water Music20145

  • Ould, Chris

      Detective Hjalti Hentze and DI Jan Reyna, Faroe Islands
      • The Blood Strand20161
      • The Killing Bay20172
      • The Fire Pit20183

  • Owen, Charlie

      Coppers of D Group, North Manchester
      • Horse's Arse20071
      • Foxtrot Oscar20072
      • Bravo Jubilee20083
      Two Tribes20094

  • Owen, Nikki

      Project trilogy
      • The Spider in the Corner of the Room (apa Subject 375)20151
      • The Killing Files20162
      • The Girl Who Ran20183

  • Parker, Imogen

      Sophie Fitt
      • A Temporary Affair19941
      • Something Funny19952

  • Parrish, Frank (See also: Ivor Drummond, Rosalind Erskine, Roger Longriff, Domini Taylor)

      Dan Mallet
      • Fire in the Barley19771
      • Sting of the Honeybee19782
      • Snare in the Dark19823
      • Bait on the Hook19834
      • Face at the Window (apa Death In The Rain)19845
      • Fly in the Cobweb19866
      • Caught in the Birdlime (apa Bird In The Net)19877
      • Voices from the Dark19938

  • Parsons, Julie

      • The Courtship Gift1999
      Eager to Please2001
      • The Guilty Heart2003
      • The Smoking Room (Open Door Novella)2004
      • The Hourglass2006
      • The Therapy House2017

      Detective Inspector Michael McLoughlin, Dublin
      • Mary, Mary19981
      I Saw You20082

  • Parsons, Tony

      Detective Max Wolfe of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, London
      • The Murder Bag20141
      The Slaughter Man20152
      • The Hanging Club20163
      • Die Last20174
      • Girl On Fire20185

      Detective Max Wolfe, Short Story
      • Dead Time (ebook only)20151
      • Fresh Blood (ebook only)20162

  • Pateman, R S

      • The Second Life of Amy Archer2013
      • The Prophecy of Bees2014

  • Pearson, Mark

      • Private London (with James Patterson)2011
      • White City2012

      Detective Inspector Jack Delaney, London
      • Hard Evidence20091
      • Blood Work20092
      • Death Row20103
      Murder Club20114
      • The Killing Season20145

  • Perry, Anne

      • The One Thing More2000
      • A Dish Taken Cold2001
      • A Christmas Journey (apa Journey Towards Christmas)2003
      • A Christmas Visitor2004
      • A Christmas Guest2005
      A Christmas Secret2006
      • A Christmas Beginning2007
      • Heroes ('Most Wanted' novella)2007
      A Christmas Grace2008
      A Christmas Promise2009
      A Christmas Odyssey2010
      • The Sheen on the Silk2010
      A Christmas Homecoming2011
      A Christmas Garland2012
      • A Christmas Hope2013
      • A New York Christmas2014
      • A Christmas Escape2015
      • A Christmas Message2016

      Charlotte and Thomas Pitt
      • The Cater Street Hangman19791
      • Callander Square19802
      • Paragon Walk19813
      • Resurrection Row19814
      • Rutland Place19835
      • Bluegate Fields19846
      • Death in the Devil's Acre19857
      • Cardington Crescent19878
      • Silence in Hanover Close19889
      • Bethlehem Road199010
      • Highgate Rise199111
      • Belgrave Square199212
      • Farriers' Lane199313
      • The Hyde Park Headsman199414
      • Traitors' Gate199515
      • Pentecost Alley199616
      • Ashworth Hall199717
      • Brunswick Gardens199818
      • Bedford Square199919
      • Half Moon Street200020
      • The Whitechapel Conspiracy200121
      • Southampton Row200222
      Seven Dials200323
      • Long Spoon Lane200524
      • Buckingham Palace Gardens200825
      Betrayal at Lisson Grove (apa Treason at Lisson Grove)201026
      Dorchester Terrace201127
      Midnight at Marble Arch201228
      Death on Blackheath201329
      • The Angel Court Affair201430
      • Treachery at Lancaster Gate201531
      • Murder on the Serpentine201632

      Daniel Pitt, Barrister,1910
      • Twenty-One Days20171

      Inspector Monk
      • The Face of a Stranger19901
      • A Dangerous Mourning19912
      • Defend and Betray19923
      • A Sudden, Fearful Death19934
      • Sins of the Wolf19945
      • Cain His Brother19956
      • Weighed in the Balance19967
      The Silent Cry19978
      • The Whited Sepulchres (apa A Breach of Promise)19989
      • The Twisted Root199910
      Slaves of Obsession200011
      Funeral in Blue200112
      Death of a Stranger200213
      The Shifting Tide200414
      Dark Assassin200615
      Execution Dock200916
      Acceptable Loss201117
      A Sunless Sea201218
      • Blind Justice201319
      Blood on the Water201420
      • Corridors of the Night201521
      • Revenge in a Cold River201622
      • An Echo of Murder201723
      • Dark Tide Rising201824

      Joseph Reavley, Chaplain, 1st World War
      No Graves as Yet20031
      Shoulder the Sky20042
      • Angels in the Gloom20053
      At Some Disputed Barricade20064
      We Shall Not Sleep20075

  • Peters, Ellis (See also: Joylon Carr, Edith Pargeter, John Redfern)

      • Murder in the Dispensary (as Joylon Carr)1938
      • Death Comes by Post (as Joylon Carr)1940
      • The Victim Needs a Nurse (John Redfern)1940
      • Most Loving Mere Folly (as Edith Pargeter)1953
      • Death Mask1959
      • The Will and the Deed (apa Where There's a Will)1960
      • Funeral of Figaro1962
      • The Horn of Roland1974
      • Never pick up Hitch-hikers!1976

      Brother Cadfael Short Stories
      • A Rare Benedictine1988

      Brother Cadfael, C12th monk, Shrewsbury
      • A Morbid Taste for Bones19771
      • One Corpse Too Many19792
      • Monk's-Hood19803
      • St. Peter's Fair19814
      • The Leper of Saint Giles19815
      • The Virgin in the Ice19826
      • The Sanctuary Sparrow19837
      • The Devil's Novice19838
      • Dead Man's Ransom19849
      • The Pilgrim of Hate198410
      • An Excellent Mystery198511
      • The Raven in the Foregate198612
      • The Rose Rent198613
      • The Hermit of Eyton Forest198714
      • The Confession of Brother Haluin198815
      • The Heretic's Apprentice198916
      • The Potter's Field198917
      • The Summer of the Danes199118
      • The Holy Thief199219
      • Brother Cadfael's Penance199420

      The Felse family : George Felse (Policeman), Bunty Felse and Dominic Felse, Shropshire
      • Fallen into the Pit (as Edith Pargeter)19511
      • Death and the Joyful Woman19612
      • Fight of a Witch19643
      • A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs (apa Who Lies Here)19654
      • The Piper of the Mountain19665
      • Black is the Colour of My True Love's Heart19676
      • The Grass-Widow's Tale19687
      • The House of Green Turf19698
      • Mourning Raga19699
      • The Knocker on Death's Door197010
      • Death to the Landlords197211
      • City of Gold and Shadows197312
      • Rainbow's End197813

  • Petit, Chris

      • Robinson1993
      • The Psalm Killer1996
      • Back From the Dead1999
      • The Hard Shoulder2001
      • The Human Pool2002
      • The Passenger2006

      Schlegel and Morgen, Germany, 1943
      • The Butchers of Berlin20161
      • Pale Horse Riding20172

  • Philips, Tim

      Ex cop/PI Jack Talbot, London
      • In Harm's Way20061
      • Turn The Lights Out When I Die2

  • Phillips, Stella

      • Yet She Must Die1973
      • Dear Brother, Here Departed1975

      Detectives Furnival and King, Meddenham
      • Down to Death19671
      • The Hidden Wrath19682
      • Death in Arcady19693
      • Death Makes the Scene19704
      • Death in Sheep's Clothing19715
      • Three May Keep A Secret20046

  • Pilkington, John

      Betsy Brand, Actress, Restoration London
      • After the Fire20101
      • The Judas Blade20112

      Martin Marbeck, Elizabethan Intelligencer
      • Marbeck And The Double-Dealer20121

      Thomas the Falconer, C16th
      • The Ruffler's Child20021
      • A Ruinous Wind20032
      • Ramage Hawk20043
      • The Mapmaker's Daughter20054
      • The Maiden Bell20055
      • The Jingler's Luck20066
      • The Muscovy Chain20077

  • Pilkington, Paul

      • Someone to Save You (ebook only)2011

      Emma Holden
      • The One You Love20141
      • The One You Fear20142
      • The One You Trust20143

  • Pinborough, Sarah

      • Behind Her Eyes2017
      • Cross Her Heart2018

      Dr Thomas Bond, Police Surgeon, London, 1880s
      • Mayhem20131
      • Murder20142

      The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy
      • A Matter Of Blood20101
      • The Shadow of the Soul20112
      • The Chosen Seed20123

  • Pirie, David

      Arthur Conan Doyle & Dr Joseph Bell
      • The Patient's Eyes20011
      • The Night Calls20022
      The Dark Water20043
      • The Dead Time4

  • Pirnie, Amy (See also: Freda Davies)

      Sue Bennett, Journalist
      • Let Heaven Fall (previously pub in 1995 as by 'Freda Davies')20061
      • Lesser Creatures20072

  • Pitman, Jenny

      Jan Hardy, horse trainer
      • On the Edge20021
      • Double Deal20022
      • The Dilemma20033
      • The Vendetta20044
      • The Inheritance20055

  • Pitman, Richard

      • Running Scared (with Joe McNally)1994

      Eddie Malloy, former champion jockey
      • Warned Off (with Joe McNally)19921
      • Hunted (with Joe McNally)19932
      • Blood Ties (with Joe McNally)19963
      • The Third Degree19974
      • Joseph's Mansions (with Joe McNally)20015
      Bet Your Life (with Joe McNally)20046

  • Porecky, Robin

      Magnus Trygg, Sweden
      • Come Into My Arms20131
      • The Devil's Field20132

  • Potter, Jeremy

      • Hazard Chase1964
      • Foul Play1967
      • Dance of Death1968
      • Trail of Blood1970
      • Going West1972
      • Disgrace and Favour1975
      • Death in the Forest1977
      • The Primrose Hill Murder1992
      • The Mystery of Campden Wonder1995

  • Price, Robert T

      • Deadly Rose of Texas2004

      Kendall Madigan, ex-car thief, Stratford-upon-Avon
      • Nickers19981
      • Grievous19992
      • Big Deal20013
      • Dog Meat20054

  • Puckett, Andrew

      • Bed of Nails1989
      • Desolation Point1993
      • A Life for a Life2000
      • The Old Man's Friend2008

      Tom Jones, Department of Health Inspector
      • Bloodstains19871
      • Terminus19902
      • Bloodhound19913
      • Ladies of the Vale19944
      • Shadows Behind a Screen19985
      • Chilling Out19996
      • The Gift20007

  • Purser, Ann

      Ivy Beasley, Northamptonshire
      • The Hangman's Row Enquiry20101
      • The Measby Murder Enquiry20112
      • The Wild Wood Enquiry20123
      • The Sleeping Salesman Enquiry20134
      • The Blackwoods Farm Enquiry20145

      Lois Meade, village cleaner, Northamptonshire
      Murder on Monday20021
      • Terror on Tuesday20032
      • Weeping on Wednesday20033
      • Theft on Thursday20044
      • Fear on Friday20055
      • Secrets on Saturday